SELEX S&AS Establishes Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Centre of Excellence

SELEX Sensors & Airborne Systems, a Finmeccanica company, formed by SELEX S&AS in the UK and Galileo Avionica in Italy has today moved ahead with establishing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) centre of excellence at ParcAberporth in Wales. SELEX S&AS UK has signed a letter of intent with the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) for the establishment of a specialised facility at ParcAberporth.

The SELEX S&AS facility is to offer a systems integration capability, together with a full range of cutting-edge sensors for UAVs. The first system to perform flights at the new SELEX S&AS facility will be the UAV FALCO developed by Galileo Avionica to meet the growing demands of airborne surveillance, maritime and border patrol, environmental monitoring and emergency control. It can
continuously operate for up to 14 hours and carry a wide variety of payloads.

SELEX S&AS UK and Galileo Avionica, together Europe’s second largest defence electronics business, are poised to offer a capability stemming from the core UAV businesses of both companies -sensor payloads and UAV platforms.

The agreement regarding the UAV facility is the result of close cooperation with WAG, where all parties are aiming to establish ParcAberporth as a prime contracting UAV centre of excellence in

According to David Lazarus, Head of ISTAR & UAV Marketing at SELEX S&AS UK, “The flight test facility at ParcAberporth will give SELEX S&AS as a group, the opportunity to develop an improved
understanding of how our UAV systems can be deployed to best advantage and to demonstrate them to our customers.”


Source: Selex Sensors and Airborne Systems
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