Aerostar UAV in Police Role

Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd. and the Israel Highway Police have employed the Company’s Aerostar UAV in a successful experiment to detect and arrest traffic offenders on the highways of Southern Israel.

A police patrol pilot joined the Aeronautics Operating Team inside the Company’s Ground Control Station, while five patrol cars, each equipped with Aeronautics Remote Video Terminals, followed the live video transmissions from the Aerostar.  A number of drivers were stopped and, according to a Police spokesman, were amazed when shown their own traffic violations, recorded from above on video.

The Israel Highway Police are now studying the results of the trial flight, and are seriously considering the regular use of UAV-based traffic surveillance as a major weapon in the continuing campaign to enforce traffic regulations and enhance road safety.

Among the major advantages of the Aerostar for Highway Patrol use are the following:

  • Ability to provide coverage of a wide land area and many miles of  roadway in a short time and using just a few personnel
  • Sophisticated day/night surveillance cameras provide 24-hour coverage capability.
  • Ability to react quickly to accidents and other emergencies
  • Compared to ground speed traps, cameras and patrols, Aerostar is highly mobile, virtually invisible to drivers and produces added deterrent effect.
  • Long flight endurance – up to 12 hours
  • Low running costs compared to manned police aircraft

Source: Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd
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