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Contest period: October 2008 - Closing: November 1, 2008


Prize 1: Plug-In Suite 4, six essential tools
that get you back to shooting…
    From OnOne Software

Updated award-winning software suite features the most complete collection of Photoshop plug-ins, solving the most common, time consuming Photoshop tasks in one integrated high value suite. Plug-In Suite 4 includes 6 Photoshop plugins that help you maximize the power of Photoshop. You get Genuine Fractals 5 Print Pro for high-quality enlargements, PhotoTools 1 Professional Edition, Mask Pro 4 for removing backgrounds, PhotoFrame 3.1 Professional Edition for the perfect finishing touch to your photos, PhotoTune 2 for professional quality color correction and FocalPoint 1 for adding selective blur and vignettes to your photos.
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Prize 2: The first fully integrated utility FLITELite
    From AvComm

Incredible new fully integrted utility, Flitelite makes multitasking at night simple. Read maps, charts, etc. with ease. Developed by a NASA funded program, Lite Detect feature shuts off automatically in lighted conditions (30 minute auto shutoff feature). A rechargeable battery backyp provides 30 minutes of power for emergency situations. The FliteLite is ready to use out of the box when connected to a powered intercom or radio which uses power biased micropohones. To activate or deactivate the light, simply make contact with your lower lip for a minimum of one second onto the light sensor of the FliteLite or if you have one hand free, pusch the FliteLite on the mic boom towards your lip to make sensor contact for one second. This will start the on timer for a one minute interval. For any additional on time, simply reactivate the FliteLite. If your aircraft loses power, follow the activation instructions and you will have a total of thirty minutes of back-up activation time which starts immediatlely after power loss.
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Prize 3: Photography, 9th edition
by Barbara London, Jim Stone and John Upton 
    From Pierson Prentice Hall

Photography is continually changing, and this version of Photography reflects that change. Digital imaging dominates photography. In the image here, a computer screen displays a cutaway view of a view camera, a type of camera that has been in use since the invention of photography. This edition updates the traditional practice of photog¬raphy as well as updating current technologies. Throughout this new edition, you will find infor¬mation about both conventional film photography and digital capture. Techniques such as lighting and composition, central to both digital and film photography, are presented. This book shows how to make photographs, how to control photographic processes, and how different photographers employ them for their own creative purposes.
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Prize 4: Picoo Z X Rotor Micro Helicopte
    From Spectron BV - Silverlit Branch office

The Micro MosquitoThe simplest, toughest and cheapest of the fleet (and with the most inexplicably long name), the Picoo Z is a great beginners chopper. It has no forward or backward control, but is fun to fly straight from the box and is a very good way of learning how to control torque (the side to side swing of a helicopter). It’s absurdly robust, and what you lack in control, you gain in it’s ability to take the inevitable knocks of a novice flier. It’s great for kids, and for those people who really can’t be bothered to read the instructions or grapple with learning how to fly a helicopter. To describe the X Rotor Micro Helicopter - or Pico Z for short - as small is rather like saying that the Pacific Ocean is quite big and somewhat on the damp side. At just 17cm (under 7 inches) long and only 4cm (1.5ins) wide, this gnat of a flying machine is the smallest and lightest miniature R/C Helicopter in the world. How they managed to make this remarkable heli so incredibly small, and yet so astonishingly easy to fly is a mystery, but they did, and we love them for it.
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Prize 5: Comm1 Radio Simulator
IFR Pilot Communications Training on CD-Rom
    From e-publishing

Comm1 Radio Simulator, the only audio-interactive pilot communications training CD-ROM, is a wonderful tool for flight students and experienced pilots a like. No other product on the market is designed to interactively teach pilots how to communicate safely and professionally with Air Traffic Control. Comm1 Radio Simulator allows pilots to practice talking to ATC on their computer and ATC talks back! The briefings (tutorials), scenarios, interactive practice exercises and controller dialogue are very realistic — all written and recorded by master flight instructors and certified air traffic controllers.
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Prize 6: EasyNoter, your Personal Information Manager
    From Skycontrol

Putting your logo on pens, mugs, bags, or t-shirts to get your name in front of your customers is not a new concept. Promotional products are designed to increase awareness and business. Branded merchandise is a cost-effective, practical way to round out an intelligent marketing campaign. Computer age created a need for some more sophisticated promotional tools. With Software Promotional Gifts (AdApps, Advertising Applications or Software AdSpecialties) you can put a logo on users desktop at the same time giving them something of far greater value then a mug or a bag. EasyNoter is a fully functional software solution for everyday problems.
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Prize 7: Fluid Mask 3: The first Still Image Cut-Out Tool
designed for photographers, image editors, graphic designers and
all those who take digital image editing seriously
    From VertusTech

In a streamlined interface and workflow, Fluid Mask 3 instantly shows key edges in the image and provides comprehensive easy to use tools that work with difficult-to-see edges and tricky areas. Fluid Mask 3 is the professionals’ choice. Fluid Mask 2 established itself as the market leader in still image cutting-out – Fluid Mask 3 takes masking to the next level. Quick to pick up and intuitive to use, Fluid Mask 3 gets professional results fast.
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Prize 8 : Mosquito Squadron flight simulator
    From Just Flight

The ultimate in high-performance action! Mosquito Squadron includes a highly detailed, visually accurate Mosquito FB. Mk VI, complete with custom instrument panels, gauges, flight model and sounds. You’ll also find authentic scenery of RAF Methwold and the village of Methwold itself. Flying the Mosquito in Flight Simulator is an incredible experience and an ex-RAF crew member who took a spin in the FS2002 cockpit described it as "…amazing. It made me feel twenty again!" The real Mosquito excelled in combat and the one in Mosquito Squadron is no exception. CFS2 pilots will find 21 historically accurate missions, including train busting, low-level attacks and even the famous Operation JERICHO, where Mosquitoes attacked Amiens prison to free allied prisoners.

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Prize 9 : Ultimate Terrain X Europe
    From Flight One

Designed specifically for FSX, Ultimate Terrain X Europe transforms the FSX world by placing all the real world features you would expect (roads, rivers, railways, coastlines, parks etc) in exactly the same place in FSX - if there is a roundabout at the bottom of your road and you fly over your house in FSX the roundabout will be there.  Ultimate Terrain X Europe achieves this by utilising the very best commercial data available.  As it is the data set being replaced, the performance hit seen with photographic scenery is avoided, and the result is a much smoother integration with FSX. More than simply dropping the accurate data into FSX the development team have gone to great lengths to make this the ultimate “must have” product for FSX.  For example, not only are rivers placed accurately according to the real world position, but if they cross extreme elevation changes then the software also corrects the terrain to avoid otherwise common “sloping water”.  One of the drawbacks of accurate data is that it can prove to be very different from the existing FSX dataset and this has previously caused odd looking bridges and tunnels. In Ultimate Terrain X Europe however, bridges and tunnels entrances are included to make sure that the new roads and railways look right as well as being right.

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For Businesses... (Aviation related companies ONLY)

Prize 10: MACH 5 Advert (valued at 1450 € - 1768$)
Your 125 x 125 banner on EVERY page of Skycontrol with a link to a full page advertisement

Prize 11: MACH 2 Advert (valued at 245 € - 299$)
Your 468 x 60 banner in the News Section of your choice with a link to a full page advertisement

Prize 12: MACH 1 Advert (valued at 195 € - 238$)
Your Ad Report in the News Section of your choice that will last forever!

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