Micro Nav and BEST acclaimed in ATM Survey

Micro Nav have been voted one of the best ATC simulator providers in a confidential worldwide survey. Air Traffic Management magazine recently ran the first ever international survey of companies and organisations in the air traffic management industry. An independent research organisation polled over 400 air traffic professionals world wide and they scored Micro Nav highly. The Micro Nav BEST ATC simulators cover all types of training, including approach, area, radar, non-radar, tower, ground and military operations. They also cover all levels of training from ab initio through rating and validation to conversion, refresher, TRUCE and ECT training. BEST systems are configured to meet different training applications from classroom, part task and skills trainers to full-scope, high-fidelity simulations of radar operations rooms and tower cabs.

The power and scope of the BEST simulation engine allows it to be used for design, testing and evaluation work as well as training. New designs and procedures are tested and refined before being trained using the same system. This capability has been extended recently with the addition of the Fast Airport Builder tool and new visual sub-systems delivering significant time and cost savings for airport designers as well as trainers.


Source: Micro Nav
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