Human Factor Training – innovative collaboration with SWISS

Geneva, 27 December 2007. For the first time in Europe, an air navigation service provider and an airline, skyguide and SWISS, have held joint comprehensive training programmes for air traffic controllers and pilots. In 2007, a total of 30 workshops have been held under the joint leadership of both companies on the subject of “Human Factors”, attended by 200 skyguide air traffic controllers and 500 SWISS pilots. Following this successful start, a further 40 of these workshops will be held in 2008.

Daniel Weder (CEO skyguide) draws up a positive balance sheet after the first year: “This shared training is an all-round success. Particularly in a complex area such as air traffic, it is important to look beyond the established boundaries. Getting to know each other better promotes mutual understanding and thus safety and efficiency.”

An innovation for Europe
“Human Factor Training” has been part of the training programmes for air traffic controllers at the Skyguide Training Center for more than ten years. The training programmes treat subjects such as stress, teamwork and communication. All elements which play a central role in the daily work of air traffic controllers and pilots. This forms the background to the creation of the joint skyguide and SWISS Human Factor training.

The content and objectives of the workshops were developed by experts in the fields of Crew and Team Resource Management and Safety Management of both skyguide and SWISS in conjunction with specialist psychologists. Urs Ryf
(head of Operations skyguide): “There has never been a course in this form in Europe before. It answers a genuine need and I hope that others will learn from our example."


Source: Skyguide
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