Daniel Weder appointed as new CEO of skyguide

Geneva, June 18, 2007. The Board of Directors of skyguide has chosen Daniel Weder, 50, as the new Chairman of the Air Navigation Service Provider. Daniel Weder is currently Managing Director at Swiss International Air Lines and is responsible for Airport Services & Operation Steering. He will begin his new position at the headquarter in Geneva on October 1, 2007. The interim CEO, Francis Schubert, will take up a new position as deputy CEO at the same time.

With these appointments, the Board of Directors has given two important signals: on the one hand, it marks the beginning of a new era at skyguide, and on the other hand, it reinforces the consequent continuation of the company strategy. According to Guy Emmenegger, Chairman of the skyguide Board of Directors: «Daniel Weder is an established aviation expert, and brings his extraordinary leadership qualities in times of difficulty. He will constructively address the coming challenges with vigour and with a new vision, the one of a customer.» The strategic aspects will also be strengthened by continuing to take forward, together with the West Switzerland manager Francis Schubert, the current strategic dossiers like Single European Sky and the financing system of air navigation services.

Daniel Weder and his deputy Francis Schubert are perfectly complementary, and are capable of building bridges between different cultures. With the support of the other members of the Executive Management, skyguide is well prepared for the changes that the air navigation services industry is facing.

Experienced manager Daniel Weder aims to use existing potential
Daniel Weder was born in 1957. He has worked in aviation for over 30 years, and understands the different facets of this sector. This change in skyguide’s top position represents a challenge for him, in a new and exciting environment. He knows the company well, due to his functions at Swiss, and particularly appreciates «the skyguide staff and their efforts under difficult conditions. I want to leverage the enormous potential that already exists, especially with regard to the most qualified staff. It is important for skyguide that the company can operate from a strong position in the international air navigation services business, and that it can provide the aviation market with reliable services. I’m delighted about this new position, and I see myself as a networker and an integrator.»

Daniel Weder lives in Birchwil near Zurich Airport. He completed his MBA studies at the IMD in Lausanne in 1999, and was a Captain in the Army in a radar group of the Air Force. In his long career at Swiss/Swissair, he worked among other things in an integrating role in times of difficulty for the airline. As director of Marketing and Services, he influenced the restructuring in a very significant way. He also took part in the resolution of different crises, for example the impact on Swiss of the SARS virus, the Iraq war and the Swissair grounding. Daniel Weder was one of the key persons in Swiss in the period of restructuring and build-up. He will continue to exercise his position as Managing Director Airport Services and Operation Steering of Swiss until he takes up his duties at skyguide.
Francis Schubert becomes deputy CEO
Since the resignation of Alain Rossier in December 2006, the Corporate Secretary Francis Schubert has managed skyguide as interim CEO. He began his career as an air traffic controller, before completing a doctorate in Law, and has been a member of the company management for several years. Under his overall direction, critical dossiers in skyguide such as the Single European Sky, the financing of air navigation services and the implementation of the guidelines from Eurocontrol, have made significant progress. «I look forward to bringing continuity to the company through my knowledge, and to taking part in its future. Decisive and strategic decisions on direction are awaiting us, and I shall support Daniel Weder in making these and help him to consolidate the reputation of the company.» Francis Schubert, 46, will become the deputy CEO on October 1, 2007.

Source: Skyguide
Picture provided and copyrighted by Skyguide: Daniel Weder, new Chief Executive Officer from October 2007

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