U.S. Navy “Firehawks” Land for Their Final Public Appearance at the American Heroes Air Show

Soon facing their U.S. Navy directed de-establishment, the Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron ( HCS ) 5  is scheduled to participate in their last public  appearance at the uppcoming American Heroes Air Show in the San Fernando Valley.  


As one of the preeminent Combat Search & Rescue units in the world, the HCS-5 Firehawks are a unique team -  flying the highest–tech helicopters and employing front line tactics and resources, the unit was the first naval air squadron deployed to Iraq.  While supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom HCS-5 completed more that 1,700 combat flight hours and 900 combat air missions and the unit was commended for its rapid response to deploy to Iraq and their ability to commence combat operations within 10 days of receiving their deployment orders.

Combining two crucial military missions, HCS-5 squadron was established on 2 October 1988, when the combat SAR mission of HC-9 and the SPEC WAR support mission of U.S. Navy HAL-5 were combined.  The Firehawks currently fly the Sikorsky HH-60H Seahawk and use its capabilities of speed and all-weather stealth to operate at ranges far from support ships in high threat environments. The Firehawks will have their HH-60 Seahawk on static display at the American Heroes event fully presented with the GAU17 and M240 weapons systems.

To recognize the Firehawk’s long heritage of leadership in combat SAR Ops, the event has commissioned a special commemorative trading card featuring the Firehawk’s HH-60H Seahawk helicopter plus a Tribute T-shirt will be offered for the very first time at the Heroes event.  Supplies are limited for both items.

The City of Los Angeles invites the community to land at this admission free event and meet one of the world’s finest Combat / Special Ops helicopters squadrons before they go out of business forever!

More Than One Event!
The American Heroes Air Show is the nation’s premier, helicopter–only, admission-free air show event designed to profile aviation’s dynamic role in law enforcement, public safety, communications, and search and rescue, as well as homeland security and national defense.   With   aircraft from local, regional, state and Federal / DOD agencies, guests are treated to an up-close look at why these unique aircraft are on the front line of public safety and community service.

The CODE 3 Career Fair offers guests information from recruiting teams on career opps in law enforcement, fire service, public safety and the military. Our “Rollin’ to the Rescue”  Vehicle show  presents vintage and restored police, fire and emergency vehicles as they arrive Code 3 into the event.   

The “FIRST PROMISE Family Safety Fair” element of the event offers critical information and resources for families on how to prepare for, react to and recover from natural disasters and homeland security emergencies.  

Event Details
Date: Saturday, June 24th
Location: The Hansen Dam Recreation & Sports Complex
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.   
FREE Event Admission

Event Details at our website: www.heroes-airshow.com

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