The future of personal aviation arrives to Oxford in 2008: FlyCB Oxford becomes latest school customer of YLAC Dynamic

UK aircraft producer the Yeoman Light Aircraft Company (YLAC) and microlight flying school FlyCB are today excited to announce that the future of personal aviation will be landing at Oxford airport in the summer of 2008. Speaking today, YLAC managing director Nick Marley commented “I have long held FlyCB in great esteem as a fellow pioneer of hassle-free aviation, and hence I am absolutely delighted to welcome them as customers for the YLAC Dynamic. FlyCB have made great strides in developing the market for sport aviation, and I am sure that in adding such a highperformance and attractive an aeroplane as the Dynamic to their fleet, they are ensuring that their they will continue to go from strength to strength in encouraging more people to take the exciting step of learning to fly.”

Mark Hayter, Managing Director and Chief Flying Instructor of FlyCB, added “We are delighted to be adding this revolutionary new aircraft to the fleet and we are sure that both our existing customers and new customers will thoroughly enjoy flying this aircraft at Oxford.” FlyCB will be offering trial lessons from £49 at Oxford Airport, full training courses, and a Dynamic aircraft share scheme - with shares in this outstanding aircraft starting at only £5,500. Anyone interested in any of these opportunities should contact us at FlyCB Oxford.

About YLAC
Founded in 2003, The Yeoman Light Aircraft Company (YLAC) sets out to bring about a revolution in personal aviation. In recent years, newer aircraft manufacturers have begun to bring genuine innovation to general aviation in exploiting the use of composite materials and a new generation of engine technology, leaving standing those players who had dominated the industry for 50 years or more. In particular, the microlight category has come of age, demonstrating that it really is possible to square the circle of lower cost and higher performance.

YLAC’s approach is to offer the very best products made possible by these developments, whilst providing a level of support currently unheard of in the aviation sector. By considering aircraft ownership on an end-to-end basis, YLAC’s mission is to make flying as hassle-free as driving a car.

About FlyCB

FlyCB was established in late 2003 in view of an increasing demand for microlight flying, brought about by the availability of a new breed of quality high performance microlights, the increasing regulation of general aviation and the new more flexible National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL).

The aim of FlyCB is to provide access to high quality, fully maintained microlight aircraft for existing pilots and for beginners looking to enjoy the pleasures of this fun, less regulated form of recreational aviation.

FlyCB operates from conveniently-located Oxford airport, and offers NPPL(M) training, conversion courses, trial Flights, syndicate shares and aircraft Hire and Sales. Trial flights start from only £49, and may now be booked online at www.flycb.com

About the Dynamic
With fighter-like handling and yet microlight running costs, the Dynamic is a very attractive alternative to owners and pilots of existing old ‘Group A’ types, whilst redefining the very limited current microlight market.

Conceived in 1996, the Dynamic has been in serial production by Aerospool s.r.o. of Slovakia since 2000, and by late 2007 nearly 200 were flying in more than 19 countries around the world, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The use of advanced construction techniques and state-of-the-art materials mean that the Dynamic’s weight has been kept very low, with the baseline UK variant weighing in at only 262kg.

The Dynamic received Type Approval from the UK CAA on 2nd March 2007 after a 4 year certification process. The UK variant Dynamic currently retails at £67,650 incl. VAT.

Source: YLAC & FlyCB
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