Spranza Workshop in Curacao (Netherland Antilles) on September 13 & 14, 2007: Security Exercices & Evaluations

Spranza Incorporated and Skycontrol have teamed up to provide aviation professionals a series of continuing education workshops for aviation security personnel, law enforcement, airport and airline administrators as well as Civil Aviation Authority officials.  Presented at strategic locations throughout the globe, these workshops provide cutting edge information, practical techniques and "take home" strategies which can be tailored to individual airline and airport operations.


Whether an airline, airport, law enforcement or AVSEC  Quality Assurance Officer tasked with enforcing the provisions of ICAO Amendment 11, EC Doc. 30 or the provisions of your National Civil Aviation Security Program, conducting and documenting a proper AVSEC inspection, test or scenario evaluation can seem to be an insurmountable task.  This workshop has been specifically designed to provide hands-on instruction in the preparation, execution, evaluation and documentation of these mandatory events.

Presented in lay language this is an intensive learning program utilizing PowerPoint® presentations combined with participant hands - on learning, and "real world" student practicum scenario settings. Students receive a workbook, reference manual and evaluative instruments all on a handy CD ROM, as well as a certificate upon completion.


Who should attend?
This workshop has been specifically designed for those tasked with evaluating the state of security compliance with International and National AVSEC legislation at airport facilities, airline operations, and among supporting law enforcement units.  The program is ideal for supervisors, quality assurance officers, security managers and DCA personnel assigned to security oversight duties.

Workshop Schedule
Day 1 - Legal Requirements: Standards, Practices and Legislation

  • Techniques for proper planning and preparation
  • Resource Allocation, Timetables and more
  • Coordinating with municipal responders

Day 2 - Testing, Evaluations and Inspections

  • Proper Documentation and recordkeeping
  • Sandtable/Field Scenario Exercise
  • De-brief

How do I get more information?
Please call 214 889 7570 (Office) or 954 822 0941 (Mobile)

Where will the workshop be held?
The workshop will be held in Curacao (Netherland Antilles). You will receive detailed information on the specific venue, along with other valuable information, in your individual Registrant Confirmation and Delegate Packet to be sent to you upon receipt of your Registration and payment of fee.

How do I register?
There are three (3) ways you can register:

                  - E-mail: [email protected]
                  - Fax: 001 801 991 7920
                  - Post: Spranza Incorporated
                              1631 SW Sylvester lane
                              Port St. Lucie, FL 34984 USA

How much does it cost?
Single session
registration 960 USD
(Price includes workshop, student materials and hotel accommodations ONLY)

How can I pay the Fee?
* Financial Wire Transfer to:
       Spranza Incorported
       Bank Atlantic
       4351 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021
       Route No. 267083763
       Account No. 0063196149

* With Paypal: you will be billed by e-mail on receipt of the Registration Form

What is on the CDRom and why do I need it?
The CD ROM contains template documents ready for fill in. Each CD comes complete with the plan template, checklists and attachments ready to be customized to suit local airport, air operator operations and design.  Fill in instructions are placed as comments, and a handy read me file contains full instructions on how to adjust the template for those unfamiliar with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint programs.  Each CD is supplemented with statutory regulations in PDF file format, proprietary checklists and a full AVSEC library.  

About your Hosts

Francis G. Spranza, M.A.
Receiving his B.S. in Criminal Justice from Loyola University of Chicago, and his Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley.  Having served in the United States Air Force from 1970 through 1981, separating from a career in Security Police after rising in the ranks from Airman to Lieutenant.  During his career, Professor Spranza was awarded the Air Force Good Conduct medal with Oak leaf Cluster, Outstanding Unit Award, Small Arms Marksman Medal with Bronze Star, National Defense and Air Force Longevity Ribbons, Strategic Air Command Educational Award and Senior Police Badge.  Having created over 500 hours of instruction certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Prof. Spranza regularly contributed to such publications as: Police and Security, Jane’s International Police Review Aviation Security International, Hydrocarbon Processing and many others.  Mr. Spranza has provided and instructed programs for Law Enforcement, Civil Aviation and Strategic Resources around the globe, while serving as an Adjunct Professor in Criminal Justice and Public Administration at Miami’s St. Thomas University and the Ft. Lauderdale Campus of Barry University.


As founder and Director of Spranza, Mr. Spranza has developed over 50 AVSEC in-service training  programs for airports, airline operators and Civil Aviation Authorities around the globe.  As an author and  lecturer, Mr. Spranza International has presented before such organizations as the U.S. FAA, DCA Albania and the IAAE.  His expertise in International Terrorism combined with years of experience in Civil Aviation Security has made him and his organization a much sought after resource for knowledge and expertise in the field of Civil Aviation Security worldwide.

Mr. Spranza was named to the Roster of Expert Consultants for ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau - Civil Aviation Security Consultant in 2002.

Marie G. Spranza
As an American citizen born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, Ms. Spranza received her B.A. in Political Science and French from Loyola University of Chicago.  Ms. Spranza holds a teaching certificate from the State of Florida, with Endorsements in teaching At-Risk students and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Originally assigned to the Broward County School Board’s Multicultural Office where she preformed Language Assessments, Interpretation, and Translation, along with French Curriculum Development as a key part of her routine duties.  Ms. Spranza is fluent in English, French  and Creole, and versed as well in numerous cultural and political structures of Developing Nations.  Ms. Spranza has served with SPRANZA INC. since its inception in 1981.  Acting as both Administrative Director and a key member of the Civil Aviation Security Curriculum Development and Instructional Staff, Ms. Spranza was named to the Roster of Expert Consultants for ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau - Civil Aviation Security Consultant in 2002.


I vividly remember Mr. Spranza’s presentation on Aviation Terrorism at the 7th Annual AAAE Central Europe/U.S. Workshop (November 4-7, 2001, Salzburg, Austria); and I think so do the seven Romanian airport executives that also attended that workshop. I, therefore, know that the services he offers are first class.

Roda.Tinis / U.S. Department of Commerce, Bucharest, Romania


Our Training Philosophy
With more than two decades of experience in instructing non-native English speaking students, we have developed a unique approach to AVSEC instruction.

Understanding that true learning among these students in NOT the result of lecture, typed overheads and English language handouts (the proverbial talking-head situation), our curriculum development and instructional teams utilize a three fold approach to learning. Each class consists of a content element, a classroom dynamics element and a practical or hands-on element. In keeping with the current industry standard of 60% hands on and 40% academics, the three-instructor approach lends itself to both a dynamic classroom    experience as well as a large degree of individualized and remedial instruction for those students who require this additional attention.

Printed handouts, so traditionally relied upon, are kept to a minimum, and presented in a manner commensurate with the student’s abilities. Technical information is simplified to facilitate student comprehension. It is a known fact, that reading comprehension greatly lags behind oral comprehension, especially in the areas of technical or specialized reading. Academic instruction is augmented by:

  • a high degree of student hands-on instruments

  • instructor modeling of task behaviors

  • observing students executing the job tasks required

  • correcting as necessary

Our Organization
For more than two decades, Spranza has provided the Civil Aviation Industry with professional in-service training, management consulting and Compliance Document preparation along with custom security hardware design and implementation.  Staffed by professionals from the fields of: Military Science, Criminal Justice, Public Administration, Business, Engineering and Education,  Spranza has developed long-term relationships and worked closely with such agencies as the International Civil Aviation Organization, US Transportation Security Agency, the OECS and Industry leaders such as the IAAE and AAAE. Among our more recent projects are:

  • Training of the permanent security force in AVSEC Basic at Turkey’s Sabiha Gokcen IAP, Istanbul, Turkey
  • A series of ongoing workshops held for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Netherlands Antilles to include our AVSEC Supervisor Basic and Supervisor Advanced Curriculums on Curacao
  • Drafting of the mandatory ICAO AVSEC Documentation to include the National AVSEC Plan, National Emergency Plans and related airport documents for the Governments of Albania and St. Kitts & Nevis
  • Development a student based Interactive Distance Learning Center accessible through the Spranza website
  • Development of some 50 AVSEC and Management in-service training programs appearing on the ICAO Training Directory for 2005-2006
  • Design of an in service training program for AVSEC Quality Control Officers to translate ICAO Annex 17 and related SARPS, USC 49 CFR and National AVSEC Legislation into a training program for Certification.

Spranza Incorporated is a standard Class C US Corporation, based in Gainesville, Florida USA.  Originally formed in 1981 as Security Consulting Services, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Spranza has amassed over 24 years of experience in the civil aviation field.  As an active partner in Fx-Caribbean Security Ltd., Spranza Incorporated brings our staff and services to all Member States of the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States), CARICOM Nations and Regional Development Projects.


Workshop Registration
Yes, I would like to attend following Workshop:

  • Security Exercices and Evalutions
  • Workshop Venue: Curacao, Netherland Antilles
  • Workshop Date: September 13 & 14, 2007

Title (Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.)
Job Title *
VAT no. *
ZIP Code *
Room Accomodation

Arrival Date:
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Fees & Payment
Individual Workshop Fee: Single session registration 960 USD
(Price includes workshop, student materials and hotel accommodations ONLY)

For Wire Transfer, remit funds to:
    Spranza Incorported
    Bank Atlantic
    4351 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33021
    Route No. 267083763
    Account No. 0063196149

Paypal subscribers will be billed by E-mail on receipt of the Registration Form


For further information, please contact:
Spranza Incorporated
1631 SW Sylvester lane
Port St. Lucie,
FL 34984 USA

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: 001 214 889 7570
Mobile: 001 954 822 0941
Fax: 001 801 991 7920

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Download the Workshop Registration in PDF format


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