Solar Impulse training to fly!

Dübendorf 6 May 2008 – Virtual Flight 08 will be conducted by the Solar Impulse team from 12 to 16 May, in the construction hangar of the prototype HB-SIA, at the aerodrome of Dübendorf near Zurich in Switzerland. For the first time, the two Solar Impulse pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, will each make a 25-hour flight, one after the other, at the controls of the new flight simulator. Their purpose will be to test a life-size model of the cockpit, surrounded by 5 panoramic screens, to validate the ergonomics and to verify the functioning of the man-machine interface in conditions as near to real as possible. The HB-SIA’s flight routines, the decisions, breakdowns, incidents will also serve as training under the control of the Mission Team.

During that week, the solar airplane’s Mission Team will be working under the direction of Raymond Clerc. It will be using a mission simulator developed by the ALTRAN engineers, which will enable a virtual plane to fly in real meteorological conditions, relying on complex algorithms. If you would like to experience the highlights of this week’s virtual flight, from 16:00 on Monday 12 May you will be able to follow this adventure live, by clicking on the following link.

Thanks to the support of the Deutsche Bank, one of Solar Impulse’s main partners, you will be able to watch the Mission Team and pilots at work in the cockpit, via two webcams. A multi-media route log signed by Brian Jones will give you the inside story on the adventure, hour by hour. You will be able to make your comments to, and ask your questions of Bertrand Piccard, André Borschberg and the members of the Mission Team.


Source: Solar Impulse
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