Reno Air Races Today is a feast for the aficionado or the merely curious

The book’s publicist says, “Words cannot adequately describe the facial expressions of the spectators, this optical feast for enthusiasts that drives their senses into overload. For those who come to experience the air races for the first time, they are forever changed. This truly is the fastest and most dangerous motor sport in the world…”  World-famous photographer Gerhard Schmid knows that words are not up to the task, so he lets his photos and their descriptive captions do the story-telling.  And it works: the reader’s eye travels from page to page, overwhelmed by the beauty, the ferocity, the energy that the Reno Air Races generate each September.


Full Throttle – Reno Air Races Today is the graphic equivalent of immersion, as Schmid’s photos bring images to the reader’s eyes in one sitting, images that could not be captured by any spectator, since Schmid had access to the infield, the pits, and to the pylons, during the races. If a book can exceed the visual experience of actually being there, this book does it.
224 pages in high-quality perfect-bound hard cover, the 321 photos and additional illustrations work well with the captions, providing information for the lover of airplanes, worshippers of speed, or those who just don’t understand when you tell them that this, the only air racing in the world, is simply… incredible.
First Edition: 2006
ISBN-13 978-3-930975-01-3
ISBN-10 3-930975-01-7
EAN-Code 9783930975013

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