New TXT service lets you check flight info anytime, anywhere

No matter where they are in New Zealand, air travellers with a cell phone can now txt any arrival or departure flight number to 8808 and receive instant arrival and departure flight information - including delays and cancellations.  FlightCHECK, a new txt-based flight checking service is launched today. To use this exciting new service, you simply txt your flight number to 8808. Web users can also search for flight numbers or look at all New Zealand airports’ departures and arrivals online at  The FlightCHECK software has been designed and developed by Kiwi company YouTXT Ltd, to offer travellers (as well as meeters and greeters) real-time domestic and international flight information. Powered by the most comprehensive flight information service in the world, FlightCHECK is an anytime, anywhere information service available to air travellers from Auckland Airport to Stewart Island.

"Texts cost 50 cents," says John-Daniel Trask, the FlightCHECK CIO. "That’s a small price to pay compared to needlessly waiting around for a late flight, getting up early to get to an airport only to find out your flight is delayed or making a wasted journey to the airport to pick someone up."
"FlightCHECK is the only flight information service of its kind currently available in New Zealand, because it covers every airport and every air carrier," says Sam Allen, Director of FlightCHECK.
"Other services of this kind are either carrier specific - for instance, Air New Zealand flights only - or location specific, such as Auckland Airport’s arrivals and departures only."
Unlike other flight checking services, FlightCHECK can also be used to summon most flight information in Australia, the Americas, and a majority of Europe and Asia, so if travellers have connecting flights outside New Zealand they can check to see if those connections are on time.
As well as being available to the general public, FlightCHECK is also available under licence as a private service for companies such as travel agents or airlines who wish to rebrand and augment FlightCHECK with sales and marketing information to provide a unique service/experience, tailored to their customers.

How Flightcheck works

Travellers txt their flight number to 8808 or input it at the FlightCHECK website at (Web users can also browse all NZ airports’ departures and arrivals.)
The FlightCHECK software takes the txt or online request and checks to see if it is a flight information request. If it is, the relevant flight information is returned within seconds via txt or the web.
The flight information is for the next flight leaving or arriving with that tail/flight number, i.e. NZ423. This is a same/next day service - not a weeks in advance notification system.


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