LH Aviation has landed in Seine et Marne near Paris, And commences an exciting production phase

Since the 03rd March of 2008 LH Aviation, a company whose average age is 28 years, has occupied its new premises. Engaged in an industrial process and quality, LH Aviation left the region North and Merville Airfield to reach the centre of Aerospace Activity of Melun-Villaroche in Seine et Marne near Paris. The entire production and sales of LH-10 Ellipse will be fulfilled on the Melun-Villaroche airfield near SNECMA, a subsidiary of SAFRAN GROUP. It is a great step forward for the company. We leave our 500sqm for a factory with over 3000sqm including a clean room, which is ideal for LH Aviation to achieve the highest quality composite production for the LH-10 Ellipse. We are now ready for series production. LH Aviation has doubled its workforce in the last year and now employs 18 people.

The LH-10 Ellipse And its commercial launch
The LH-10 Ellipse is a fully developed carbon fibre aircraft. This two-seater sport plane in tandem with a pusher configuration offers outstanding visibility to pilots.

It flys at 370 Km/h (200kts), which is faster of 150 to 200Km/h than competitors. It allows crossing France without stopover, thanks to its self-autonomy of 1 600km, and by consuming only 20L /h what represents 5 Litres for 100 km. what is similar or less than a car. Furthermore by its very weak noise nuisance, the Ellipse is considered to be the quickest plane and more ecological of the world.

Orders are always growing. 21 kits airplanes are already planned to be delivered and distribution agreements are already signed. LH Aviation will deliver customers in Germany, Belgium and Russia.

The military flying schools are also interested in the ellipse for its autonomy, performances, its tandem configuration and its cost. Moreover, other variations of the aircraft can be achieved, like drone (UAV) for example.


Source: LH Aviation
Picture provided and copyrighted by LH Aviation

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