Hypoxia Awareness Training a breathtaking breakthrough introduced by AirCare Solutions Group

(OLYMPIA, WA – September 21, 2007), AirCare Solutions Group CEO Dr. Doug Mykol announced today the acquisition of an innovative new technology, which substantially enhances the training of individuals in recognizing the advance symptoms of hypoxia. This state-of-the-art training tool is a programmable altitude simulator, which offers individuals the opportunity to personally experience the subtle nature of hypoxia while in a safe and controlled environment without the potential risks of a decompression chamber. Related to aviation, hypoxia is caused by the inadequate oxygenation of the body through explosive, rapid or insidious decompression. Undetected through lack of awareness training, the exposure to hypoxia can seriously impair cognitive performance, which could and has led to catastrophic events.

This stand-alone new technology is fully integrated with computer software for setting altitude profile and physiological parameter safety cut-offs. A highlight is the touch screen cognitive testing and automated report generation showing the rapid and detrimental effect of hypoxia on cognitive performance. Upon completion, participants receive printed reports and a video CD that serves as a reminder of the individual symptoms experienced and dangers of hypoxia. As noted by Dr. Mykol, “This creative new training system is a response to the growing demand from those within aviation for personal, innovative instruction which will provide theoretical knowledge and practical experience in detecting the onset of hypoxia in advance of its ability to cripple the mind. Since 2005, AirCare Solutions Group has led the aviation training community by incorporating leading edge instruction into the curriculum of scheduled FACTS Training classes worldwide. With new Emergency Simulator units recently deployed in the United States plus expansion plans for Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the global scope of FACTS Training continues to respond to the industry call for progressive emergency procedures training.”

AirCare Solutions Group has assumed a role of providing leading edge change to the world of business aviation for over 25 years. Its mission is to further advance the safest operating environment possible through education, training and providing emergency products and services specific to business aviation.

For further information on AirCare Solutions Group, visit: http://www.aircaresolutionsgroup.com

About FACTS Training

FACTS is a unique, human factors based program designed to train pilots, flight engineers, and flight attendants in emergency evacuation and safety procedures. All are practiced in the FACTS full-size, full motion cockpit and cabin emergency procedures simulator, the pool and the FACTS Underwater Egress Dunker.

For more than 25 years, FACTS Training International has been the industry standard for human factors based Crewmember Emergency Procedures Training for private, corporate, and charter flight operations. FACTS is internationally recognized for thorough, intensive, researchbased training programs. Each year, FACTS trains thousands of crewmembers including pilots, flight engineers/mechanics and flight attendants from all over the world.

FACTS has designed and built the world’s only mobile corporate, cockpit and cabin Aircrew Emergency Simulators. Training in the full-size simulators has capabilities unmatched in the industry and provide realism not available anywhere else.

For additional information on FACTS Training, visit: http://www.factstraining.com

About AirCare Solutions Group
AirCare Solutions Group provides a wide variety of corporate aviation specific-training programs, services, and aviation safety products to private and charter operators. With our combination of aviation-specific services, AirCare Solutions Group has established itself as the one-stop-shop for corporate aviation.

Our divisions include:

  • AirCare™ International - Inflight emergency medical training and products
  • ACCESS™ Assistance - Worldwide 24/7 travel and medical assistance services
  • FACTS® Training - Known as the industry standard for Inflight Emergency Procedures Training for
  • corporate flight crewmembers
  • AirCare Crews - Professional and contract staffing solutions for corporate aviation
  • ASG Interactive - Computer based aviation training
  • EMTA - Private and corporate safety and first aid training solutions
  • Quality Resources - Aviation consulting and technical writing


Source: AirCare Solutions
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