“Florennes Air Base… 60 years already” : a comics by the cartoonist Fabian Goosens, better known as “Goos”

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Florennes Air Base, Fabian Goosens, known under the nickname of "Goos", flying on F-16 as a fighter pilot being a senior captain, was asked to use his skills as a drawer to create a cartoon strip, telling the story of 60 historical years of the 2nd Tactical Wing. That how this 46 pages comic strip, signed "Gôôs” has been created… This album was aimed to earmark the military personnel of the base since 1947 who worked for the notoriety of the 2nd Tactical Wing and the Belgian Defence. Hopefully, it will also encourage some young people for a future military career.

About the author…
Goos, alias Fabian Gossens joined the Belgian Air Force in October 1986. After training on SIAI MARCHETTI SF-260 and on ALPHA-JET, he arrived on the Air Base of Florennes in June 1989 and started to fly on F-16. In October 1990, he joined the 1st Squadron and flew as a fighter-bomber and recce pilot till March 2004. Since 2004, he has been acting as the Flight Safety Officer at the Head-Quarter of the 2nd Wing.

Fanatic of aviation and comic strips since his youth, he has always made drawings as leisure for the happiness of everybody. For the first time on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Florennes Air Base he has been given the opportunity to combine his two passions. And this was a real success! For sure, he will not disappoint his fans and will continue this way, making other beautiful cartoon strips based on his experience as a fighter pilot.

Goos’ comic strip is still available for sale.
For further information please visit Goos’s website: http://www.bdgoos.be


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