e-publishing presents the Comm1 Radio Simulator: IFR Pilot communications Training on CD-Rom - Approved Radio Phraseology and FAA reviewed

Comm1 Radio Simulator, the only audio-interactive pilot communications training CD-ROM, is a wonderful tool for flight students and experienced pilots a like. No other product on the market is designed to interactively teach pilots how to communicate safely and professionally with Air Traffic Control. Comm1 Radio Simulator allows pilots to practice talking to ATC on their computer and ATC talks back! The briefings (tutorials), scenarios, interactive practice exercises and controller dialogue are very realistic — all written and recorded by master flight instructors and certified air traffic controllers.

Comm1 IFR Radio Simulator contains over 9 hours of comprehensive IFR radio training and follows a logical progression for instrument students learning IFR operations and the many variables that can be encountered at different stages of flight.


  • Over 9 hours of comprehensive IFR communications instruction
  • Expert briefings cover what you need to say, when and why, phrase by phrase
  • Practice standard and unusual approaches and departure clearances
  • Save big money and lots of hours on instrument training

Clearances on request

  • Master IFR departure clearances with over 10 hours of two-way interactions
  • Respond to rapid-fire ATC calls and simulate cockpit management skills
  • Practice requesting, copying and reading back 100 realistic clearances
  • Expand knowledge of ATC system and improve copy / readback techniques

IFR contents
Before you begin locating frequencies
IFR ressources, Approach / Departure, ARTCC, ATIS, AWOS / ASOS, Clearance delivery, CTAF, FSS, Ground, Tower

Filing an IFR flight Plan
From the ground, While airborne

Before you taxi
AWOS / ASOS, ATIS, Radio checks

Obtaining clearance
At non-towered airports, At towered airports, While airborne, Converting from VFR, Unacceptable clearances, Tower-enroute clerances, Amended clearances

From non-towered, Airports, From towered airports, DPs


Hands off, Traffic advisories, Altitude changes, Heading changes, Position reports, Route deviations, Direct clearances, Temp. frequency changes, Pilot reports, Change in destination, Required reports

Descent, AWOS / ASOS, ATIS, STARs, Cruise clearances, Holding

Approach clearances, Radar vectors, Course reversal, Visual / contact approaches, PAR / ASR approaches, Wind checks, Missed approaches, Missed approach holding, Practice approaches, Canceling IFR

Non-towered airports, Towered airports, LAHSO

When things go wrong
Unexpected routin, Clearance void time, In-flight emergencies, Minimum fuel, Lost communications, Nav equipment failure, Diverting to an alternate, No gyro approach, Transponder problems


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