Columbia News: A Few Tips for Cold Weather Operations

It is that time of the year, time for cold weather in most parts of the country. We want to remind you to review your respective POH (AFM), §4 Normal Procedures, Cold Weather Operations, for a quick refresher. Here are a few pointers that may also be helpful:

Use an engine preheater – An engine preheater is required to facilitate cold weather starting if the engine has been cold-soaked at temperatures of 25°F or below for more than two hours. This should be accomplished in accordance with Teledyne Continental Motors ( TCM) Service Information Letter SIL03-1. CAM recommends the use of the TANIS Engine Heaters which are available through the Parts and Warranty Group. You can go to www.tcmlink.com to access the SIL document if you have signed up for Aviator Services as an owner of a TCM engine. This is a free service offered by TCM; contact the Product Support Group for more information if needed.

Change the oil – If you plan on not flying the aircraft very often during the winter, it is best to put fresh oil in it at the beginning of the season.

Cover the pilot and static vents, engine inlets and exhausts – This will help keep insects, dirt and moisture from attacking your systems and engine. Be sure to remove the covers prior to flight !

Clean and polish your Columbia – This gives you the opportunity to look at your aircraft in detail to help reveal things that need some minor repair or maintenance. It also helps protect the paint from UV, oxidation and the elements.
If at all possible, protect the aircraft by storing it in a hangar.

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