Children’s Activities Grow at the Golden West Regional Fly-in and Air Show

May 22, 2008 — The 2008 edition of the Golden West Regional Fly-in and Air Show at Yuba Count Airport (MYV) in Marysville, California, June 6-8, will offer a wide assortment of fun and educational activities in the Kid Qwest hangar for children, from toddlers through teens. The Kid Qwest hangar at Golden West will feature a real airplane that children will be allowed to touch and explore. Young guests will also be able to design airplanes on a computer, print them on cardstock, and cut them out and fly them. Another activity involves seeing pictures of nuts and bolts and trying to assemble real nuts and bolts the same way. At the Aviation Hero stage children can ask aerobatic and military pilots questions. A Tiny Pilot’s Lounge provides toddlers a place to wander around in a safe environment while parents can take a break as well.

"This event truly offers a great experience for anyone with any interest in aviation, from people who build their own airplanes through families that might attend one air show a year," said John Gibson, Golden West Aviation Association President. "Based on positive reaction from the public, activities for children are being expanded this year to include a wider variety of hands-on projects, educational exercises, and opportunities to meet aviation heroes."

For children a little older, there will be the Young Eagles Flight Education area, where they can experience a bit of what it’s like to become a pilot. There will be flight simulators, information about weather, and how to perform a preflight inspection. For the ultimate experience a number of children between the ages of 8 and 17 will be given free flights in real airplanes under the Young Eagles program, designed to introduce young people to aviation.

The Golden West Regional Fly-in will also feature an air show each day and forums and workshops. The Golden West Aero Mall will have exhibits by manufacturers of the latest aircraft, avionics, and pilot supplies. Additional activities are planned for this year’s Golden West Fly-in and will be announced soon. For more information visit


Source: Experimental Aircraft Association - Aviation Center (EAA)
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