AVCOMM announces The Eliminator headset

Avcomm International, Inc., the nation’s leading manufacturer and distributor of state of the art noise reduction headsets, intercoms, radios and communications systems for Aviation, Fire/Safety, Racing, Industrial and Military applications, is proud to announce its innovative DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip technology, THE ELIMINATORTM. THE ELIMINATORTM, which can be integrated into intercoms and headsets, is the ultimate in Active Noise Reduction.  When a continuing background noise is detected (like a jet engine or race car engine), THE ELIMINATORTM memorizes the noise pattern and removes the noise digitally.

The noise reduction is so dramatic that it can reduce the noise by 30dB. Its offending noise virtually disappears and the headset wearer can then clearly hear the needed communications coming from the speaker. THE ELIMINATORTM has applications for Open Cockpit Aircraft, Ultra-Lite Aircraft, Aviation Ground Crews, Air Boats, Race Cars, Trains, Military applications, and any situation where there is a constant, unwanted noise.
Avcomm, you can hear the difference!


Source: Avcomm International Inc.
Picture provided and copyrighted by Avcomm International Inc.
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