21 July 2007: Belgian helicopters did a great job during the aerial parade

Saturday 21 July, 4.15 eyes were riveted upward. It was indeed time to admire the aerial parade of military aircraft coming from different Belgian military airbases. No less than 45 aircraft paraded in the air. The aerial parade included beautiful helicopters: one Sea-King helicopter and two Alouette helicopters, in “V” formation coming from Koksijde airbase, six Agusta helicopters in “V” formation, coming from the Wing heli of Bierset airbase and three Alouette helicopters in “V” formation, also coming from Bierset.

This year again, press representatives have been invited by the Belgian military air component to take place onboard the participating aircraft. Skycontrol did not miss this opportunity of making a great photo report and asked for flying onboard one of the A109 helicopters from the Wing heli of Bierset airbase.

The appointment was given at Bierset at 1 pm for a briefing for pilots and passengers, regarding weather, ATM and flight details. The aircraft left Bierset at 3.15, flew to Brussels toward the Royal Palace where they had to fly above the VIP stand at 16.15. It was a beautiful day, and the crowd was amazing.

It was for us a unique opportunity to fly onboard one of these famous A109, used for assistance in many operation. To take part in such an event is very exciting but it is also very interesting to see all the preparation needed for a successful parade. Once again, Belgian militaries really did a great job!

A big compliment and a big thank you for the outstanding organisation. We are now warmed up for the 21th of July 2008!

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