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Antoine Roels
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If aviation is your business or pleasure... then the
is your solution for all your photographic needs!

Whether you're looking for an image that enhances your product,
or a product that enhances your image...

IAPA can handle your requests.

Choose from a multitude of specialized photographic services to suit your needs.
Commercial - Industrial - Corporate - Personal Aerials to Fine Art

Whatever your requests may be, IAPA,
with over eighteen years of experience in aviation photography
welcomes your challenges and assignments.

Photography & Enterprises

Towards the aviation business, IAPA is available for any assignment to enhance your needs for professional photography both on firm ground and in the air.

To other business, or for personal purposes, IAPA can also provide photo shoots on location to promote their products with the dynamic world of aviation as background.

IAPA has the capability to highlight your company with perfect photography for all your publicity, calendars, leaflets and brochures. It also can spruce up your establishment, offices or home with many original prints ready to mount or mounted with your directives by our specialized services.

IAPA is also available to editors of aviation magazines for reports, air and ground photography of historical or present aviation.

Furthermore, IAPA has a wide selection of CD ROM's each having over 100 high-resolution scans of vintage, commercial, military aircraft and aviation events from all over the world.

Portrait of the Photographer

Antoine "Twan" Roels was born on October 17th 1946. He joined the Belgian Air Force in 1965. Always been addicted to photography, he first pointed his cameras on nature and wild life. During the last 15 years of his 38-year long career within the BAF, he has been the official photographer of the Belgian Air Force in the Public Affairs Services.

During that period his assignment was to take pictures for all the official BAF-publications, and aviation reports for international aviation books and magazines from all over the world. He logged nearly 3000 flying hours for air-to-air photography in over 100 different types of aircraft and has flown with several NATO air forces and most of their display teams.

In the period from 1995 - 1997, he also provided most of the aerial photography for the Belgian VRT television production 'Windkracht 10', a 23 episodes long fiction TV series about life, love and adventures of the pilots and crews of the 40th Search and Rescue Squadron of Koksijde AFB.

His skills, experiences and practical knowledge combined with the best digital and analogue photo equipment and having experience in safe formation flying allows him to currently work with professional military and civil pilots. Thanks to the many years of experience with pilots, he can pride himself with an accident free record and assure you excellent results on all of your assignments.

Antoine Roels is also member of the ISAP, the International Society of Aviation Photographers,
society that gathers most famous aviation photographers of the world.

For more information, please contact : [email protected]

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