Industry calls for Security Consulting Body

ERA and six other air transport associations have called for the establishment of a formal Industry Consultation Body to advise the European Commission (EC) and EU state governments on security issues, and to facilitate dialogue in the development of new security measures.

The request was made in a joint industry policy paper issued yesterday by the seven associations.  The paper is in response to the current revision of the EU regulatory framework in civil aviation security and the adoption of a legislative proposal by the European Commission (COM(2005)429). 

“Providing safe and secure air travel for its passengers is the industry’s number one priority,” said Nick Mower, ERA general manager technical services.  “Industry obviously has a legitimate interest in seeing greater levels of harmonisation of security measures and procedures without compromising safety or security in any way.”

The paper also calls for risk and impact assessments to be carried out before security measures are proposed.  This is in line with the EC’s own principles of better regulation and also with the ERA Resolution agreed by members last October, requesting the Council of Transport Ministers and European Parliament to throw out proposed laws that do not meet “Better Governance” requirements.  “Security resources must target significant risks in the air transport system,” said Mower.  “The nature of the risk or threat must therefore be fully assessed before establishing that new rules are necessary, and any subsequent measures proposed must be proportionate to the risk or threat identified.”

The paper reiterates the demand for national governments to fund security measures introduced to counter terrorism.  “The Madrid and London Underground attacks are proof – if any was needed - that terrorist action is against the state, not a particular industry.  It is therefore a state duty to finance the protection of its own citizens.”

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Source: ERA
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