IACA Welcomes Four New Associate Members

Four new companies, ASISTIM, Menzies Aviation, Moby Dick Investments and Tiger Aviation Services have joined the International Air Carrier Association (IACA) as associate members. IACA’s associate membership programme is designed for services providers within the aviation sector.It provides an opportunity for companies to exchange information, address issues of common concern and develop strong contacts with IACA airlines through participation in IACA’s general and committee meetings. Sylviane Lust, Director General of the Association said: “IACA is delighted to welcome these new associate members to our association.Their membership further strengthens the associate programme and helps to build stronger relations between our member airlines and service providers.”

Patrick Rossmann, Managing Director, ASISTIM said: “IACA membership allows us to provide our operations services with greater efficiency by offering us regular opportunities to meet and build one-to-one contacts with IACA airlines and our future customers”.

Gilles Korstanje, Commercial Director, Menzies Aviation commented: "Menzies Aviation is excited to join this airline organisation as it will provide us with a new platform to service the community and potentially grow our business."

Sherif Lotfy, CEO, Moby Dick Investments declared: “To become member of IACA is an important step for our company. We can use this community to publicise the wide range of services Moby Dick can offer to its clients. Moreover, we can exchange experiences with others to improve our daily business. Last but not least, IACA provides a vast number of valuable contacts in the airline industry with whom we can strengthen our brand name”.

Mr. Hussam El Talawy, Managing Director of Tiger Aviation Services said: "Membership of IACA will help us build new bridges and partnerships between carriers and handling agents. It will give us the opportunity for open discussions and a good way for presenting our services. We are delighted to be a part of this organsiation."

The addition of ASISTIM, Menzies Aviation, Moby Dick Investments and Tiger Aviation Services brings the associate membership of IACA to 22 members.

Further information

ASISTIM is a service provider in the area of commercial airline operations for small to mid sized airlines. Operational Services means providing flight planning systems, navigational back office support, and/or full flight dispatch services. ASISTIM Commercial Services provide automated invoice checking (IRS) of flight related invoices (DOC) as Fuel, AP charges, Catering, Ground Handling, etc. (www.asistim.com)

Menzies Aviation is a global provider of passenger/ramp/cargo handling services, serving over 500 airline customers in 24 countries. (www.menziesaviation.com).

Moby Dick is the biggest contractor from catering, sourcing and equipment to in-flight management in Egypt. Up to now they work together with 40 international airline companies. Moby Dick produces an average of 1.5 million meals a year (www.mobydick-egypt.com).

Tiger Aviation Services provides ground handling services worldwide.  Founded in 1989, its clients include Condor, Thomas Cook BE, Atlasjet and Eurocypria amongst others. (www.tiger-aviation.net)


Source: International Air Carrier Association (IACA)
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