Extending the Aviation Single Market - Opportunities and Obligations

The Association of European Airlines has reacted positively to the proposed enlargement of the European Common Aviation Area – the European Single Market for aviation – from 25 to 35 members, with the inclusion of a number of states and provinces in Southeast Europe, as well as the formal incorporation of existing participants Norway and Iceland.

Said AEA Secretary General Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus: “The Single Market has been a success story for aviation.  For consumers, it has meant new products, new choices, and lower fares from both new-entrant airlines and the established carriers.  For the airlines themselves, it has provided the impetus and the incentive to thoroughly modernise the way they do business, to embrace new technologies and to rid themselves of inefficiencies and restrictive practices”.

The creation of the Single Market, he continued, had encompassed other aspects of the business.  “We operate within a common set of rules which deliver the highest standards of safety and security.  In extending the opportunities of market liberalisation into new areas of Europe, we must have absolute confidence that these rules are fully complied with, from the outset.  Safety is not something that can be phased-in and therefore it is very important that prior to the entry into force of the ECAA Agreement, aviation safety and security standards and enforcement capacities are fully aligned with the Community legislation”.

The AEA would encourage the EU Institutions to develop further cooperation programmes with the countries in the region, not only in legislative areas such as competition, State Aid, security, safety or airport liberalisation, but also to develop new and enhanced infrastructure. “Adequate airport and air navigation services are essential elements to the creation of fair and equal market opportunities and will strengthen the ability of the carriers to benefit from these new market opportunities”, said Mr Schulte-Strathaus.

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