European Airports Welcome decision to delay cabin luggage size restriction

Brussels, 20 April 2007 – Airports Council International EUROPE (ACI EUROPE) welcomes, on behalf of its airport members throughout Europe, the decision reached today by the European Commission to postpone, for one year, the entry into force of the maximum cabin luggage size restriction.

EC regulation n°1546/2006 of 4 October 2006 required new security measures for the EU, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland in that cabin luggage larger than 56×45x24cm would be prohibited as of 6 May 2007. Following the implementation of the liquids’ rules, which has resulted in a 25% reduction in throughput at airport security checkpoints, ACI EUROPE feared this provision would further inconvenience passengers without any proven technical justification from a security perspective.

Olivier Jankovec, Director General ACI EUROPE, said “I am pleased of the Commission’s decision to postpone the implementation of this regulation and thank them for their openness to dialogue, constructive action and cooperation on this matter. The delay will allow for a thorough evaluation of the relevance and justification of the rule from a security point as well as the impact on operations and passenger facility. We now look forward to a continued cooperation in this process.”

Source: Airports Council International (ACI) – European Region
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