Civil Aviation Authority UK launches new ppl safety publication

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today announced plans for a new safety magazine that will be distributed free of charge to all UK based private pilots. The magazine, called Clued Up will be produced annually.  Its contents will include articles from professional general aviation writers highlighting safety issues and also the latest news from the CAA on regulatory developments.  The first issue of the magazine is planned to be available in Spring 2008. Robb Metcalfe, Manager of the CAA’s Flight Operations Inspectorate (General Aviation), said: “Clued Up is an exciting development that will enable us to improve our communication of safety matters in a professional but approachable way with all UK based GA pilots.  The magazine, as well as having articles on current issues, will also cover broader topics in more detail than our existing publications, and will include material to which pilots can refer on a long-term basis.”

Seager Publishing Ltd, publisher of Flyer magazine, will produce the magazine on behalf of the CAA.  Ian Seager, Managing Director, said: “We’re looking forward to working with the CAA on the project.  I believe that with our skills in publishing and writing and the CAA’s expertise in safety we can produce a magazine that will be of positive benefit to all UK GA pilots.”

It is intended that the magazine will be distributed, free of charge to all known UK-based PPL holders, flying clubs and schools, aerodromes, engineers and GA associated organisations.


Source: Civil Aviation Authority UK
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