Changes to controlled airspace around Newcastle

New measures to enhance the safety of air traffic control operations in the Newcastle area have been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Changes to the existing Class D Control Zone (CTR) and Control Areas (CTAs) and the establishment of five additional CTAs will be introduced on 6 July. Approval of the changes follows a review of local airspace arrangements by Newcastle Airport and subsequent consultation with the aviation community, local government and environmental groups, in accordance with the CAA’s Airspace Change Process.

The airspace revisions will enhance the safety of passenger flights in the Newcastle area through the better containment of flight patterns and procedures.

The new CTAs supplement those currently serving the airport. The lateral limits of the current CTR and CTAs will remain unchanged, however their upper limits will be increased. In conjunction with these changes, two new Visual Reference Points serving Newcastle Airport will be established at Derwent Reservoir and Sunderland Harbour.

Newcastle’s Air Traffic Control Unit will continue to provide radar and non-radar services within the local area, both inside and outside the new zones, to all airspace users. 

Details of the changes are provided in Aeronautical Information Circular AIC 62/2006 (Yellow 211) published on 25 May 2006, and in AIRAC 7/2006.

1:500000 Aeronautical Chart ‘Northern England and Northern Ireland’, (Sheet 2171AB) Edition 29, was published on 11 May 2006 and does not include the changes. They will be incorporated in Edition 30 which is planned for publication in May 2007. 

In addition, chart users should be aware that 1:250000 Aeronautical Chart, ‘The Borders’ (Sheet 4) Edition 5 (published on 13 April 2006), will not be replaced by Edition 6 until late 2007/early 2008.

Details of all VFR chart amendments can be found under ‘Aeronautical Charts’ in the ‘Airspace Policy’ section of the CAA website, www.caa.co.uk/charts. This includes links to the attached airspace map on both the 1:500000 and 1:250000 Chart Amendment pages.


Source: Civil Aviation Authority UK
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