Twin Enginge at RaidenTech with the New OV-10 Bronco Nitro Gas/Electric Radio Remote Controlled RC Airplane

This ARF OV-10 Bronco supports both 2c 0.15 cu in engines or 400T Brushless Motor w/ 11.1V 1300-1600mAh. The OV-10 Bronco was a multi-purpose, light attack aircraft acquired by the Marine Corp for observation squadrons to conduct visual reconnaissance missions. The OV-10A is a twin-turboprop short takeoff and landing aircraft conceived by the Marine Corps and developed under an Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps tri-service program. The first production OV-10A was ordered in 1966 and its initial flight took place in August 1967. The OV-10 can be used for short take-offs and landings on aircraft carriers without the use of catapults. With the second seat removed, it can carry 3,200 pounds of cargo, five paratroopers or two litter patients and an attendant. Adding to its versatility is a rear fuselage compartment with a capacity of 3,200 pounds of cargo, five combat-equipped troops, or two litter patients and a medical attendant.

The Bronco’s mission capabilities include observation, forward air control, helicopter escort, armed reconnaissance, gunfire spotting, utility and limited ground attack; however, the USAF acquired the Bronco primarily as a forward air control (FAC) aircraft. The Bronco also provides transportation for aerial radiological reconnaissance, tactical air observers, artillery and naval gunfire spotting and airborne controllers of tactical air support operations. Other tasks include armed escort for helicopters and front line, low-level aerial photography.

  • Wing span: 48 in / 1220mm
  • Wing area: 434 sq in / 28 sq dm
  • Flying weight: 4.4 lb / 2000g
  • Fuselage length: 50 in / 1270 mm
  • Engine Required: 2c 0.15 cu in X2 pcs
  • Radio Required: 4-5channels,7-9 mini servos
  • Li-Poly : 11.1V 1300-1600mAh x2 pcs
  • Propeller:8×6 x2pcs
  • Out runner Brushless Motor : 400T x2 pcs
  • Speed Control :15 - 20 Amp x2 pcs

NOTE: Engine, servos, transmitter, and other electronic items are sold separately!  This is an airplane kit only, no electronics!  Assembly required.
Due to the United States Post Office’s International shipping size limit, we can not ship this item outside of the United States, except Canada.


Source: RaidenTech
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