The perfect gift: Esky V3 Lama co-axial electric RC Helicopter

Latest Version3 Esky LAMA Co-Axial Helicopter come to Market! V3 Lama Flies stably and silently  indoors and out door, just as walks in the air, enables you and your family to get warmer and enjoyment. With double-sharing-one-axis structure and with stable and silent flight, it is designed for the beginners with  simple flying operation and easy to learn how to fly. You can be familiar with its operating way and enjoy the flying in short-term. With power supply of Li-polymer battery enable it to fly lighter and longer. Complete set, ready to fly. Only requires 8 AA Batteries for Transmitter.

You can fly it because it has two 13-1/2” main rotors that are co-axial and contra-rotating on the single shaft. This torque canceling design makes Co-Co Lama stable and flyable on your very first flight. Even a complete newcomer to helicopter flying can fly this at once.

The helicopter is 14-1/4” long and weighs 7-3/4 oz. Co-Co Lama is complete and ready to fly and includes a 4 channel 72 mHz FM transmitter, a 4-in-one mixer/controller (electronic gyro, mixer, motor controller, receiver), two motors, two servos, 7.4V, 800 mAh Lithium battery and Lithium battery charger. Charge the flight battery, install 8 AA batteries (not included) in the transmitter and fly it.

Even though it rarely breaks in crashes, Co-Co Lama comes with a complete spare set of main blades, and we stock spare parts and aluminum upgrade parts. Instruction booklet provides some helpful tips about the basics of radio-controlled helicopter flying.

Co-Co Lama is not a flimsy toy — it is an extremely well-built and well-designed radio controlled model helicopter. The 72 mHz radio, the motors, and servos are hobby quality products that will provide many hours of service. If you ever wanted to fly a micro electric helicopter but were put off by the difficulty of flying a helicopter, Co-Co Lama is for you.

Applicable to:
Best choice for beginners, children of 14 and over. It is an entry-level helicopter that is mostly suited to fly indoor for the experienced.


  • Main rotor diameter: 340mm, 13.4 inch
  • Weight: 215g
  • Length: 360mm, 14.2 inch
  • Power system: 180 motor*2.
  • Transmitter: 4ch
  • Mix controller: 4 in 1 controller (W/gyro. mixer, ESC, receiver)
  • Servo: 8g, 1.3kg/cm, 0,12s/60
  • Battery: 7.4v800mAh Li-polymer battery

Package Includes:

  • 4CH transmitter
  • New design 4 channels helicopter (pre-built,zero assembly time).
  • New 4 IN 1 electronic board: Receiver + Speed Controller + Mixer + Gyro.
  • Powerful 2* main motors type 180.
  • Two 8g mini servos
  • One pair of crystals.
  • 7.4V800mAh Li-Po battery
  • 11V power supply
  • English Manual.
  • Extra Pair Of Main Blades

Source: Hobby Lobby International
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