ParkZone Focke Wulf 190 RTF Electric: fly a warbird legend!

Dubbed the “Butcher Bird,” the Focke-Wulf 190 was the Luftwaffe’s most potent piston-engine fighter of WWII. In the hands of a capable pilot it was more than a match for any Allied fighter, including the awesome P-51D Mustang. Now you can experience the thrill of flying this warbird legend on a smaller scale with this fully aerobatic Charge-and-Fly reproduction from ParkZone.

And getting it airborne is about as simple as it gets. Just attach the wing and tail, connect the battery to the charger and in as little as 40 minutes, you’re flying. Prolific park flying fans will also be pleased to know that the receiver/ESC module and two servos can be removed and used in other speed 370 or 400-class electric aircraft. That includes V-tails and delta wings, thanks to selectable control mixing in the receiver. You can also adjust the speed control’s auto-cutoff to work with 3-cell Li-Po packs. And, with minor modification, you can set it up for exciting aerial combat using the X-Port™ adapter that’s included.

To maximize the performance of your ParkZone Focke-Wulf 190, please consider these optional parts:

Sonic Combat Module™ (HBZ4020) An X-Port adapter is included that lets you equip your plane with a Sonic Combat Module and recreate epic air battles with similarly equipped ParkZone P-51D Mustangs. Some minor modifications to the Sonic Combat Module are required.

9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH (PKZ1027) Keep downtime to a minimum with extra battery packs.

3-cell 11.1V 2100mAh Li-Po (THP21003SPL) For the ultimate in speed, climb performance and flight time, try a Li-Po pack like this one from Thunder Power. A Li-Po compatible charger is required.

Celectra™ 1–3 Cell DC Li-Po Charger (EFLC3005) Li-Po battery packs require a Li-Po specific charger. The Celectra from E-flite™ is the perfect match for Thunder Power Li-Po battery packs.

Charge-and-Fly convenience, outstanding flight performance and exciting scale realism—with the ParkZone Focke-Wulf 190, you get it all.

The ParkZone Promise: ParkZone Charge-and-Fly aircraft are for experienced RC pilots who want a high-performance park flyer without the hassle of having to build one. You get everything you need to go from box to sky in as little time as it takes to charge a battery pack. No gluing. No painting. No radio installation. No hassles. Just fly.


  • A complete one-box purchase means that everything needed to get in the air is included. In addition to the plane itself, those items are: a proportional 3-channel FM radio system; a 9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH battery pack; a 1.8A variable rate DC peak charger that has an LED indicator and trickle charge; and 8 “AA” batteries for the transmitter.
  • Li-Po compatibility, which allows experienced pilots to take their flying to the next level, when they are ready, via a 3S 2100mAh Li-Po battery pack. 
  • Realistic scale appearance thanks to our careful study of many full-scale FW-190s and our meticulous attention to detail throughout the development and manufacturing processes. 
  • A ready-to-fly design that allows users to get in the air quickly after simply attaching the wing, horizontal tail stab and landing gear, and installing the rechargeable battery pack. 
  • A reusable 27MHz proprietary radio system that includes a receiver and electronic speed control, as well as separate 5-wire servos, that can be used in other 480 speed 400-class products. The radio system is selectable and can be used in V-tail and flying wing elevon aircraft. However, it is generally not compatible with other brands of products. This system and all other components of the Focke-Wulf 190 are supported with a full lineup of replacement parts. 
  • Three jumpers on the receiver, which allow for more flexibility for reusing the receiver. Please review e manual for more information. The ParkZone Mode Change Flight Control System, which has 2 transmitter-selectable flight modes to allow pilots to choose the degree of travel on the control surfaces that is most comfortable to them. 
  • A one-piece, semi-symmetrical airfoil, with a low attach point, that is simple to use, provides better handling in the wind and smoother flight, and a higher probability for pilots to have successful inverted flight. 
  • X-Port technology that allows pilots to use the exciting Sonic Combat Module plug-in accessory. With it, they can dogfight with other X-Port equipped planes. We recommend flying the FW-190 with one of ParkZone’s other military-style airplanes, such as the F-27B Stryker or, for a realistic World War II style combat, the P-51D Mustang. 
  • A gear-reduced 480-power motor that permits users to have great climb rate while flying their Focke-Wulf 190. 
  • Durable, steel wire pushrods for precise and consistent control.

Source: Red Rocket
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