MRC’s new Super Brain 989 charges through the competition

Model Rectifier Corporation is excited to release the New Super Brain 989 Charger.


MRC polled dealers, industry insiders & consumers alike, gathering “wish list” data. The result; The Super Brain 989 Charger! So…. What makes this new charger so special? This high-amperage “do-it-all” AC/DC charger will make short work of recharging & rejuvenating any battery pack from 1-8 cell lithium, 1-25 cell Ni-Cd/Ni-Mh & 1-4 cell lead acid and gel cell batteries. The Super Brain 989 has many new features and proprietary technology that makes it the new top choice for all RC drivers and pilots.

From recreational hobbyists to pro-racers to seasoned flyers, the Super Brain 989 has it covered!

The Super Brain 989 has a genuine peak detect charge rate of .10 to 10.0 amps for Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh cells, and constant current/constant voltage of up to 1.5c max for charging lithium cells. There’s Programmable battery cycling and conditioning, with selectable charge and discharge rate from .10 to 10.0 amps. That’s right, up to a “real” 10 amps!

Temperature sensing & control too, with the included temperature probe.The Super Brain 989 is a complete AC/DC charger and comes with its own10-amp power supply. MRC built in a 16-battery pack profile/memory feature & built-in safety confirmation to help put the correct charge in your different battery types. We included a motor break-in feature with adjustable time and output to make light work of conditioning your competition motors prior to installation. The Super Brain 989 will accept everything from
single cell glow igniters, receiver packs, transmitter packs, main power packs of all types and field packs for your starting and field equipment. Special booster circuits give you 1-30V output for bench testing and to power comm lathes, tire truers, and portable bench tools too! From Planes and boats, to nitro and electric radio control the new MRC Super

Brain 989 Charger is simply the best of the best!

MRC Super Brain 989 Charger Specifications:

  • AC/DC fan cooled Battery Charger, including 10.0 Amp fan cooled AC Power Supply
  • Charges: 1 to 25 Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh Cells, 1 to 8 Cell Lithium, and 1-4 cell Lead Acid/Gel Cell Batteries
  • Cell Range of: 100-19,900 mah
  • Charge Rate of: 0.1A up to 10.0A for Ni-Cd / Ni-Mh, and 1.2c max for Lithium Cells
  • Discharge Rate of: 0.1A up to 10.0A with Adjustable Cut-off Range
  • Adjustable Peak Sensitivity
  • 16 Battery Profile/Memory Storage with Safety Confirmation (MRC SafeGuard® Technology)
  • Auto Cycle Mode for battery conditioning
  • Adjustable Trickle Charge Feature
  • Temperature Cutoff Range from 50°-132°F
  • Motor Break-in Feature with Adjustable Time & Output
  • 1-30VDC 10A (120VA) Adjustable Output for Comm Lathe or Tire Cutter, etc.
  • 10A AC Power Supply, Temperature Probe, & Assorted Connectors Included

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Source: Model Rectifier Corporation
Picture provided & copyrighted by Model Rectifier Corporation

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