Mosquito 3D Helicopter presented by Skyartec high level RC products

3D PRO is suitable for the beginner and expert due to the small body can fly 3D and some aerial acrobatics. With the aluminum body, 3D PRO can be ensured to fly with maximum performance. Its CNC rotor head parts allow any 3D flight maneuvers. Its design depends on handiness combining with modern electrical components technology. 3D PRO needs 6 channel computer radio controls to support 120 degree of CCPM operation.

1.Auto-Rotation System
2.Rear Tail Servo Mount
3.Collective Pitch System
4.Tail Rotor Drive Belt System
5.Fully Driven Tail Auto Rotation System
6.Push-Pull Control Linkage
7.20 Precision Bearings


●Main Rotor DIAMETER:520mm
●Tail Rotor DIAMETER:130mm
●Motor Gear:9T/10T
●Main Gear:149T
●Weight(without power system):185g
●Weight(including power system):About 380-405g


●Wooden Rotor Blade(260×30mm)X1 set
●SKYARTEC 25A Brushless ESCX1
●SKYARTEC BL330 Brushless motor(4200KV)X1


Provided by user’s power Equipments:
●Lithium Battery:DC11.1V(800mAh ~ 1100mAh)
●Transmitter:6 channel For Helicopter System
●Receiver:6 channel or more
●Rud servo:6gx1pc

Source: Skyartec
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Skyartec

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