Mastercraft Collection announces: You’ve never seen Barbie III and Witchcraft like these! A unique way to remember these famous World War II bombers with those masterfully handcrafted models

Milpitas CA - Now aviation and military history history enthusiasts can own new handcarved models of two famous World War II bombers: the B-25H Mitchell "Barbie III" and the B-24H Liberator "Witchcraft"! These relevant replicas are available from the unique Planes and Weapons series of Mastercraft Collection, LLC.  The California company (website:, known for refreshingly new, surprisingly unconventional and masterfully done handcrafted model designs at very reasonable prices, keeps alive the memory of the two multi-engine, twin-tailed aircraft, and the brave men who flew and fought in them, with these replicas - made by the same people making models for America for more than 30 years.

While both "Barbie III" and "Witchcraft" are still flying, thanks to the heroic restoration and preservation efforts of the Warbirds Unlimited Foundation of Fountain Hills, AZ, and the Collings Foundation of Stow, MA, these new models will let enthusiasts and collectors remember the real planes, long after they make their final landing, in vivid color.

Like all the displays in the unique Planes and Weapons series, these beautifully rendered models also feature large, detailed handmade replicas of World War II-era bombs, and in the case of the B-25H gunship, two 75-mm cannon rounds. Never before have bombs and weapons been given as much importance as the military aircraft that carried them - after all, what’s a fighter or bomber without ordnance?

B-25H Mitchell

Regarded as the best medium-class bomber of World War II, the Mitchell served in all theaters of operation during the war. The B-25H, a light bomber and attack aircraft, was an improved version of earlier B-25s.The B-25 was designed in 1939 by the North American Aviation Company, and was named after General William “Billy” Mitchell (1879-1936), one of the earliest and strongest advocates of American airpower.

The B-25H differs from the B-25 in terms of having more powerful armament suit. Two flexible machine guns were provided at the waist sections, installed on flexible mounts behind large cylindrically shaped "bay windows" and firing through sockets cut into their lower rear corners.

The first of 1,000 production B-25Hs flew on July 31, 1943. After the war, the Mitchell was sold as surplus and owned by a succession of manufacturing companies, and in the mid-1950s was converted to an executive transport by Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton. It was then flown by Long Island Airways of New York City during the 1960s, and later appeared as “Berlin Express” in the 1970 movie Catch-22.


• 1x 75-mm T13E1 cannon in nose with 21 rounds
• 4x 0.50-inch machine guns in the nose with 400 rpg.
• 2x 0.50-inch machine guns in individual blisters on the right hand side of the fuselage with 400 rpg.

This meticulously hand-carved mahogany wood desktop model airplane relives the land-based bombing power of the B-25H. Carved by experienced craftsmen, this work of art was lavishly hand-painted with great concern for details and accuracy. This desktop model airplane has a wood base enhanced by a metal brief history plate.

B-24H Liberator

The B-24H Liberator holds the record as the most produced American combat aircraft in World War II. A four-engine strategic heavy bomber, the Liberator attained distinguished war record with its operations in the Pacific, African, Middle Eastern, and European theaters. It served in all theaters of combat, delivering large bomb loads over long distances. The Liberator’s major contribution in World War II was as a bomber, especially in the Pacific.

As the most complicated and expensive long-range bomber of its time since its range of 2200 miles was greater than the B-17, more Liberators were built than any other WWII bomber. However, the model was redesigned due to its vulnerability to head-on attack. The B-24H was improved with a nose turret, generally a modified Emerson A-6 tail turret, to reduce interference during battle.

• 11 machine guns, max. bomb load 8,000 lbs.
• Short range (˜400 mi): 8,000 lb (3,600 kg)
• Long range (˜800 mi): 5,000 lb (2,300 kg)
• Very long range (˜1,200 mi): 2,700 lb (1,200 kg)

This meticulously hand-carved B-24H Liberator mahogany wood model airplane depicts the glory of the Liberator. Scaled from an exact blueprint, this work of art was lavished and hand-painted with great concern for details and accuracy. A wood base enhanced by a metal history plate comes with this aircraft model.

Make your "Barbie III" and "Witchcraft" flight experiences even more unforgettable with these two unique bomber models. For other military aircraft models in the Planes and Weapons lineup as well as their other series, visit Mastercraft Collection, LLC’s online store


Source: Mastercraft Collection, LLC
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