JP Perkins presents the Twister 3D STORM

Finally it’s there ! Just got the brand new Twister 3D today from my local shop. The twister 3D storm sets the new standard in matter of ready to fly electric helicopters. You’ll only need an hour of building, and you’ll be right after charging the supplied battery.

Technical specs of this heli are pretty impressive for it’s price. You’ll pay only a fraction of the price compared to similar performing models like the T-REX, and get a equal or (let’s face it), even better performing machine.

  • Completely assembled with HL400 H/Lock gyro, 4 servos, carbon blades
  • Includes brushless 440 motor, 25A ESC, gold connectors, 20C 1800 Lipo
  • 3-cell balancer charger (12V AND 240V) with individual cell LEDs in the box
  • Heavy duty 240V main power adaptor
  • Blade caddy
  • Setup tables for all popular radios included (futaba, graupner JR, …)
  • Top class driven tail with ballraced tail crank & ballraced belt drive!
  • Just add transmitter and receiver - everything else is included!
  • Take care, this one rocks !!!

More adventurous than a co-axial beginner helicopter, and as sporty as a 50 size heli - its always a heart racing moment once your off the ground with this heli!  The new CCPM RTF 3D Storm has been designed to turn up the heat and take pilots to the next level in 400-class expert 3D.

The factory-assembled model features ballraced control systems, machined anodised swashplate centre, driven tail, belt tail drive, thrust-raced rotor head and is kitted out with the new HL400 Heading Lock gyro - plus carbon blades and 3D tail surfaces - right out of the box!

Designed for intermediate to expert 3D enthusiasts who know what they want, chew chilis and already have their radio system of choice; the 3D Storm is an uncompromising expert-class factory-assembled model - so hot it’ll make even a vindaloo with attitude turn pale.

Don’t be mislead by the LOW PRICE of this superb helicopter, this is an awesome helicopter with stunning flying performance!

With the Storm you get the world-renowned Twister quality - just ask anyone who’s owned a Twister - plus contest-class heading hold gyro (with standard dual rate mode too), beautiful woven carbon main blades, plus CNC’d 3D tail surfaces to give your tail and sideways manoeuvres a little extra heat.

I took my twister out today for it’s first flight, an everything was great about it. With fast and precise response, it feels very steady in-flight. Hovering went almost as easy as with my coaxial heli (hum…), and even went for my very first looping.

Also flight time (with the standard supplied battery) was very satisfying, right over 10 min of flight before my low battery warning started flashing.

All spare parts can be purchased separately from your local heli shop. Also very nice are the special designed (optional) RED & YELLOW HELITEC 325mm carbon blades, which makes the whole thing looking nothing far from stunning ! (Also available 315mm for more agressive 3D flight JP No 6619232)

If you were looking for the ultimate electric RC heli, this is the one to go for !!!


Source: Antwerp Model Heli Center
Pictures provided and copyrighted by JP Perkins

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