Hobby-Lobby presents V-Diamond All-Wood ARF Electro Parkflyer

Hobby-Lobby has just released the V-Diamond ARF, an all-wood twin tailed pusher with jet-like performance!


36" wingspan, 33" long, 248 sq. in. wing area, 27 oz. flying weight. Beautifully and totally built from laser cut balsa and plywood. Covered with heat shrink covering and decorated with decals. Airplane assembles in about 4 hours. You can assemble it and fly the same day. Instructions are well illustrated. Torque rods for the ailerons are installed and the hinges in the control surfaces are ready for you to glue in place. Laser cut motor mount is included for your AXI 2212/20 OUTRUNNER. Airplane performs nimbly: take-offs are smooth and control response is quick and predictable. Landings are easy; just hold the nose up (don’t worry about stalling because stalls are very gentle) and bleed off the speed until you touch down. Battery hatch is under the nose so you can replace the battery easily. Flight times are around 10 minutes depending on your power usage. For 4 channels: Ailerons, Elevator, Nose Wheel steering and Throttle.


Source: Hobby-Lobby
Picture provided & copyrighted by Hobby-Lobby

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