Hobby-Lobby presents B-25J Mitchell Scale Electric Twin

Find out Flying Styro North American B-25J Mitchell Electric Twin Scale Airplane: big 4-foot wingspan scale model with stunning detail!


48" wingspan, 37" long, 313 sq. in. wing area, 35 oz. flying weight (with landing gear), 16 oz. per sq. ft. wing loading. Flying Styro’s biggest and most ambitious scale model, the North American B-25. Can be built as a basic flying model without landing gear and detail parts or as the super detailed version which includes the landing gear, cockpit interior, front greenhouse interior, guns, motor details, landing lights, pilot figures and plastic skid plates. We built the super detailed version and are flying it both with and without the landing gear. Outboard wing panels are removable for easier transport and storage. This is an airplane for the modeler who enjoys modeling. Although a great deal of highly detailed work has been pre-done for you, there is still a lot of modeling to be done to complete the airplane. For those who enjoy modeling, this can be more than half the fun. Our B-25 model is powered with two AXI Gold 2212/34 OUTRUNNER motors driving the scale 3-bladed props; this is the perfect power system for this model, plenty of power and good duration. Model is all pre-painted vacuformed foam construction with balsa and plywood reinforcements. Assembly will take 20-40 hours depending on the degree of detail that you choose. For 3 channels: Ailerons (2 servos), Elevator and Throttle.

Here’s how it comes out of the box!                                                  Super Detailed version includes scale cockpit interior.

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Source: Hobby-Lobby
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