Hangar 9 presents: B-25J Mitchell ARF: This bomber is right on target.

The B-25J Mitchell is the best known and most important medium bomber of WWII and was also effective as an attack aircraft in low level strafing attacks—using large numbers of machine guns to obliterate targets on land and the surface of the sea. Although it was operated mainly by the U.S. Army Air Corps, it was also flown by U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  Thanks to its durability and dependability, the B-25 flew in all climates, against all enemies and in virtually every theatre of WWII. Characterized by its mid-mounted gull wings with engine nacelles beneath, oval fuselage cross section, twin vertical tails, tricycle landing gear, and greenhouse-style canopy, the B-25 Mitchell is the most widely used and recognized medium bomber of the era. 

The B-25 Mitchell is most famously known for its use in Lieutenant Coloniel James “Jimmy” Doolittle’s daylight raid on Tokyo on April 18, 1942. “Jimmy” Doolittle led the attack of 16 B-25s from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet CV-8 to strike the Japanese homeland for the first time in WWII. This daring mission boosted American morale, and to this day, is considered a major turning point of the war. Hangar 9’s stunning replica is based on the B-25J Mitchell; there are an incredible 700+ variants of the B-25J model including Hangar 9’s incredibly accurate “Mitch the Witch II” scheme.  The full-scale “Mitch the Witch II” is housed at the Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs, California. The model is still considered airworthy. Interestingly, the model was flown as the “Ruptured Duck” in the 2000 Hollywoood release of the popular WWII movie Pearl Harbor. 

The B-25J Mitchell ARF is Hangar 9’s first twin-engine warbird. The scale detail on “Mitch the Witch II” is accurate enough to make you believe you’re really engaged in aerial combat—from the engine nacelles to the radiator scoops and the gun turrets to the included .50-caliber gun packs—all just ready to be installed. The functioning flaps facilitate takeoffs and landings and you have the option of adding retractable landing gear. This almost ready- to-fly plane is lightly loaded, giving it the gentle flight characteristics typical of all Hangar 9 warbirds. Its performance is true-to-scale—with in-flight looks and characteristics comparable to its large-scale counterpart.

Fly the B-25J Mitchell Twin ARF the way you want, whether you prefer electric or glow. The B-25J Mitchell Twin ARF can be perfectly powered by two Evolution® .36NT engines. Or you can fly electric straight from the box—no conversion necessary—just mount your motors, charge and fly.  Hangar 9 has thought of just about everything to make the conversion convenient, including a removable, easy-access belly hatch for battery packs. Because all of the mounting hardware is included, consumers who prefer clean, no-fuss flying can exercise the electric option and quickly and easily mount their favorite E-flite motor to this airframe for charge and fly excitement right from the start.

Key Features

  • Fully sheeted wing accurately duplicates the look of the full-scale B-25J
  • Removable lower belly hatch for easy access to the large battery compartment
  • Quality balsa and plywood construction for a lightweight and durable structure
  • True-to-scale artwork on the nose and tail
  • Scale outline is enhanced by the lightweight fiberglass nacelles
  • Scale details include engine nacelles, radiator scoops, gun turrets, .50-caliber gun packs and much, much more
  • Electric option straight from the box—no conversion necessary

Product Specifications

  • Wing Span: 80.7 in (2050mm)
  • Overall Length: 63.0 in (1600mm)
  • Wing Area: 851 sq in (54.9 sq dm)
  • Flying Weight: 13.5- 15.5 lb (6.1 kg-7.0 kg.) (glow 2 stroke, or Elec)
  • Engine Size: .36- .40 2-stroke glow engine
  • Motor Size: Power 46 BL outrunner motor
  • Radio: 6 channels or more
  • Servos: 10 servos 11with retracts (8 servos, 9 for electric conversion with retracts)
  • Trim Scheme Colors: Gray (HANU882), Olive Drab (HANU904), Sky Blue (HANU875), Dark Yellow (HANU889)
  • CG (center of gravity): 3 3/4 in (95mm)
  • Wing Loading: 36.5 - 42.0 oz/sq ft
  • Prop Size: 10.5×4 3-Blade (EVOE100P) to 11 x 4 2-blade(APC11040) for 2-stroke glow or 13×8E(APC13080E) for electric.
  • Spinner Size: 3/4" Spinner nut (TRU7A140) 1/4-28 threads or 3/4" Spinner nut (TRU7C516) 5/16-24 threads
  • Hardware Included: Yes
  • Speed Control : 60 Amp
  • Recommended Battery: Thunder Power 4S 14.8V 3850 mAh to 4200 mAH Li-Po (2 required)
  • Flaps: Yes
  • Retracts: Optional

Needed to Complete

  • 2-cycle set up
  • Recommended Brushless Motor Power System Setup

For 2-Stroke Glow Power:

  • 2 Evolution .36NT 2-Stroke Glow Engines with Mufflers
  • 6-Channel or more Radio System
  • 8 JR Digital Sport Hi-Torque DS821 Servosor JR Sport High - Torque ST126MG Servos (2(3 if Adding Optional Retracts)JR 331 Micro Servos (JRPS331)
  • 3/4" Spinner nut TRU7A140 1/4-28 threads
  • 10.5×4 3-Blade (EVOE100P) to 11 x 4 2-blade(APC11040)

For Electric Power:

  • Power 46 BL outrunner motor
  • 60 amp ESC
  • Thunder Power 4S 14.8V 3850 mAh to 4200 mAH Li-Po (2 required)
  • 6-Channel or more Radio System
  • 6 JR Digital Sport Hi-Torque DS821 Servosor JR Sport High - Torque ST126MG Servos (2(3 if Adding Optional Retracts)JR 331 Micro Servos (JRPS331)
  • 3/4" Spinner Nut TRU7C516 5/16-24 threads
  • 13×8E(APC13080E)


Source: Hangar 9
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Hangar 9

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