Great presents its newest release in the EPerformance Series: Extra 330S - All the performance you want and more!

Performance equals fun — and the Extra 330S EP ARF offers plenty of both! What’s more, performance can be tailored to the pilot’s preference with different brushless motors. Drop in an in-runner and a gear drive, and it’s an easy way to enjoy everything from simple flying to spirited aerobatics. Opt for an out-runner, and it’s a 3D thriller, ready for an afternoon of torque rolls, waterfalls, and harriers. And best of all, pilots can have the performance they want after just 6-8 hours of simple, straightforward assembly!

  • Great for the flying field, or for small fields and spur-of-the-moment flying sessions. Flies like a big plane, but fits easily in the back seat!
  • Offers a kit-quality look of the air show classic — and brushless performance with out-runner or in-runner motors!
  • Capable of everything from high-alpha 3D stunts to low-stress sport flying. Stable and predictable at high speeds, low speeds and everything in-between.
  • Short, straight linkages enhance fast, strong response. Exterior mounts for aileron, elevator and rudder servos simplify installation and speed adjustments.

Assembly is as easy as 1-2-3. The cowl, landing gear and wheel pants are painted to match the covering on prebuilt wood sections. Hardware is included and designed to bring out the best in E-Performance planes! The Extra 330S is designed to provide the best in brushless power, whether that’s a RimFire™ out-runner motor or Ammo™ in-runner motor and gear drive. Parts for mounting both included. The fiberglass cowl, formed aluminum gear and wheel pants have two things in common: they’re painted to complement the trim scheme and they’re ideal for authentic looks with maximum ease.


  • Stock Number: GPMA1543
  • Wingspan: 41 in (1035 mm)
  • Wing Area: 337 in² (21.8 dm²)
  • Weight: 27-31 oz (765-880 g)
  • Wing Loading: 11.5-13.2 oz sq/ft (35-40 g/dm²)
  • Length: 40 in (1015 mm)
  • Requires: 4+ channel radio w/4 micro servos, 1250kV out-runner brushless motor (or 3790kV in-runner brushless motor and 24 mm gear drive), 35A brushless ESC, 11.1V 1250-2100mAh LiPo battery& prop.


Source: Great Planes
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Great Planes

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