Great Planes goes ‘Top Secret’ with the XPD-8

Finally — a ducted fan plane with performance that lives up to its looks! The XPD-8 ARF is blink-of-an-eye fast. The secret is in the HyperFlowTM ducted fan unit — it was designed from the ground up by an Aerospace engineer using computer modeling to identify the parameters for high performance before manufacturing even began. That performance is complemented perfectly by the smoothly contoured lines of the jet’s durable, repairable EPS foam fuselage, which arrives prepainted and can be flight-ready in just 1-2 hours. A hand grip on the underside offers easy, one-person launching. All this — plus high-quality hardware package — are yours at a surprisingly affordable price!

  • Includes the amazing HyperFlow ducted fan system that features a high-performance 370 brushed motor.
  • Prepainted, so it’s flight-ready in only 1-2 hours.
  • Molded of rugged EPS foam for smoothly contoured lines.
  • A high-quality hardware package is included.
  • The HyperFlow ducted fan system is the driving force behind the XPD-8 ARF.
  • Blue color shown for illustration purposes. Production fan is molded in blac

The winglets attach easily with foam-safe CA glue, and help add rock-solid stability to the XPD-8 ARF’s flight. With a wingspan measuring just over two feet, the XPD-8 ARF is easy to transport to the flying field. The hatch fastens on with magnets, and features cooling vents for the ESC and battery pack.  The awesome flight performance of our XPD-8 ARF totally rewrites the expectations of electric-powered ducted fan models."


Source: Great Planes
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Great Planes
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