Graupner “Hydro Plane 3D” Land, Sea, Air Vehicle: Fly it anywhere!

The Graupner "Hydro Plane 3D" Land, Sea, Air Vehicle combines the looks of a Hydroplane racing boat with the performance of an aerobatic airplane.

21-1/2" wide, 31" long, 8-1/2" tall, 10-1/2 oz. flying weight. Built of vacuum-molded and laser-cut Depron parts along with carbon fiber reinforcements for lightweight strength. Model is equally at home running through the grass, skimming across the lake or looping and rolling through the air. Flight character is smooth with a high roll rate and broad speed range. Model is designed for pilots with experience flying aileron models; if you can fly a 3D foamie, you can fly Graupner’s "Hydro Plane 3D". Model comes unpainted; the color choice is up to the modeler. Decals are included. Can be built in several hours following the clear photo-illustrated instructions. For 4 channels: Aileron and Elevator mixed (Elevon), Rudder and Throttle. A radio with expo mixing is recommended.


Source: Hobby-Lobby International
Pictures provided & copyrighted by Hobby-Lobby International

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