K Aerospace Specialists to Announce Major Advances In Fuel Test Safety

Leaders in the development of aerospace test equipment have announced a major step forward in dealing with fuel safety in hazardous environments. A Guide to Aircraft Fuel Contents Testing, written with the approval of BAESystems, which has endorsed it, will be delivered by Tony Moore, Technical Director of BCF Designs Ltd, a company founded 15 years ago to concentrate solely on aerospace test equipment. Mr Moore, Technical Director of Cirencester, Gloucestershire-based BCF Designs Ltd said: "In the last few years there has been considerable concern about safety in the workplace, which also encompasses military and civil aviation installations. The paper sets out to explore potential safety hazards in and around aircraft with regard to aviation fuels, and in particular unveils our unique approach that should be adopted to safely measure fuel systems embedded in aircraft design.

Mr Moore, with support from BAESystems, led the Cirencester team, which has worked on improving fuel test safety, for approaching two years. Solutions proposed by BCF Designs Ltd to improve safety to meet national and European requirements, are seen as a first for the 15 year old company, which has secured contracts globally for fuel test and databus test equipment.

The growth of the company, still directed by the original five founders, in Cricklade, Wiltshire, is described as ‘remarkable’ by leaders in the civil and military aerospace industry. Since 2005, BCF Designs has established a US sales and maintenance facility in Suffolk, Virginia, opened a second development and manufacturing unit at Love Lane, Cirencester, and doubled its workforce. The expansion heralds further product development in an area in which BCF test equipment is already seen as the most efficient and innovative around the world.

The opening of the new manufacturing unit in Love Lane, Cirencester, was performed by Mr John Hunt, Head of Test and Measurement Group within the UK’s Ministry of Defence. He said during his opening speech: "By their determination, hard work and creativity, BCF Designs have put themselves in several niche markets. They occupy a unique position in aerospace test solutions today."

In the past year BCF Designs has secured, among others, contracts with the US Navy and US National Guard, the Ministry of Defence, Agusta Westland for fuel and databus test equipment. The latest Ministry of Defence contract is for the manufacture and procurement of cables and cable sets for the BCF Designs Fuel System Test Sets. The four year, tri-service contract will provide a universal solution for fuel system testing on UK military aircraft.

Gareth John, Managing Director and Head of Sales worldwide, said: "The paper by Tony Moore is another indication of our ability to develop major solutions in aerospace test equipment."


Source: Air Force Technology
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