Gripen NG Fighters for The Netherlands: Following the submission of its proposals in response to the Dutch MoD’s F-16 Replacement programme, the Saab/Gripen team held a press conference in Den Haag to outline its proposals.

The Saab proposal is a comprehensive response to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) F-16 fighter replacement Questionnaire. Saab is offering an all-inclusive package comprising eighty-five (85) fully compliant NATO interoperable Gripen Next Generation (NG) true multi-role fighter aircraft with unrivalled availablilty, tailored for the future Net Centric (NCW) operational environment. Gripen NG will meet the demanding operational requirements of the RNLAF over the next 50 years and its unrivalled multi-role capability will provide the RNLAF with tactical flexibility in an unknown future. Gripen NG offers operational dominance and flexibility with outstanding mission survivability. Air-to-air superiority is guaranteed with METEOR, AMRAAM, IRIS-T, AIM-9X, 12 missile capability, supercruise and Gripen NG’s superior situation awareness is delivered through an AESA radar, IRST, HMD, leading edge avionics design, next generation data processing and a state-of-the-art cockpit. These features, coupled with Gripen NG’s inherent Net Centric Capabilities including advanced data communications, dual datalinks, satellite comms and video links, coupled with increased range and thrust from its General Electric F414G Turbofan engine.

Saab is also offering a support solution that includes optimized key functions such as maintenance, training, supply and clearly defined support resources. The package includes Role Equipment for 85 aircraft including aircrew equipment, helmet-mounted displays, fuel drop tanks, pylons, EW systems, IRST systems and chaff and flare dispensers. In addition, the package includes mission support equipment, including mission planning and evaluation systems, digital map generating systems, threat library support systems, radio frequency planning systems and maintenance ground support system.

The training and logistics element includes mission simulators, desktop and computer-based training systems, pilot and ground crew training as well as ground support equipment, spares, publications and aircrew and ground crew support.

The Gripen NG solution meets the operational requirements of the RNLAF, delivers true multi-role capability and state-of-the-art technology. Owing to its outstanding reliability, maintainability and supportability Gripen will deliver at the most affordable acquisition and operational costs, compared to the known or predicted costs of alternative platforms. Gripen’s credible and fixed acquisition cost is based upon firm orders and known programme timescales. For the Netherlands, this would imply significant cost savings over 40+ years operation in comparison to alternative platforms. With experience from over 100,000 flight hours, current Gripen users have proven the unbeatable Life Cycle Costs of Gripen, which will be further improved in Gripen NG.

Gripen industrial co-operation has a proven track record around the world. Saab AB has a successful track record from more than 20 countries and has always succeeded in fulfilling industrial co-operation commitments, as proven in for example the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, South Africa and Norway. In the Netherlands, Saab has co-operated with over 90 Dutch companies directly, or through industrial networks, with an offset delivery of 181 MEUR to date. Gripen International, through Saab AB, guarantees to deliver more than 100% of the contract value.

Gripen NG fulfills all Dutch requirements and will keep the RNLAF at the leading edge of military capabilities through 2050. Gripen NG meets all of the RNLAF operational requirements, has unbeatable low acquisition, operation and support costs and with technology transfer, will provide unrivalled access enabling autonomy and increased national security. With the full support of the Swedish government, the backing of world-leading defence industrial partners, Gripen NG is the fighter for the Netherlands.


Source: Gripen International
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Gripen International - Stefan Kalm

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