Gripen – The Nordic Solution

At two separate press conferences – one in Oslo on 15 May and one in Copenhagen on 16 May, Gripen International presented details of its formal offers to Norway and Denmark for a new version of the Gripen fighter to replace these countries ageing F-16 aircraft. An enhanced standard of the Gripen new generation fighter, dubbed Gripen N for Norway and Gripen DK for Denmark respectively, with longer range and greater payload, have been offered in response to these countries’ respective requirements to deliver up to 48 aircraft from 2016.

Industrial co-operation and development on several levels has been offered, including the aerospace and defence industries and state level co-operation for instance, with the Swedish Air Force and Swedish defence procurement agency, FMV.

For both Norway and Denmark, participation in the development of this new version of the Gripen fighter in co-operation with Sweden, provides a unique opportunity to develop a tailored Nordic solution to meet national, international and regional defence needs.


Gripen N (for Norway) - Photographer: Art Impression

Gripen DK (for Denmark) - Photographer: Art Impression


Source: Gripen International
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