First In-Service Eurofighter Typhoon Bomb Drop

The Royal Air Force has completed the first Paveway II bomb drop from an in-service Eurofighter Typhoon, scoring a direct hit during trials at the Aberporth weapons range, Wales. The aircraft, operated by XI Squadron based at RAF Coningsby, was accompanied by BT005, the twin-seat Combined Test Team aircraft, which carried the Litening III Laser Designator Pod (LDP) to provide the laser guidance for the trial. Although this was the first air-to-ground weapon drop from a Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon, the weapon system had already proven the ability to self-designate in October when BT005, the aircraft selected for the LDP integration trials, successfully illuminated and destroyed its target. In both tests, BT005 was operated by the Combined Test Team with a Royal Air Force pilot in the front seat and an Industry test pilot in the rear.

The capability to both self-designate and target for others is invaluable as, due to the relative scarcity of LDPs in comparison to the availability of aircraft with bombs, it emphasises the force-multiplying advantages that Eurofighter Typhoon brings to the combat theatre.


Source: Eurofighter Typhoon
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