Eurofighter Typhoon announces Elite 2008

Eurofighter prepares for another international exercise. ELITE 2008 is starting next week on 3 July and will end 17 July. The objective is to train air operations under realistic conditions, as the name suggests: Electronic Warfare Live Training Exercise. Involved are fighter and transport aircraft, helicopters, ground based air defence units, jammers, NATO E-3A AWACS. Amongst them are Eurofighter Typhoon of Fighter Wing 74 at Neuburg/Donau, the wing that recently has taken responsibility for defending Germany’s Southern air space.

19 nations are involved with very different systems - click here.

The exercise is being managed by the German Air Force Command. Air operations are being flown from bases Spangdahlem, Neuburg, Lechfeld, Landsberg, and Laupheim.

Source: Eurofighter Typhoon
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