BAE Systems News: First UK Tranche 2 Twin-Seat Begins Final Assembly

The first UK Tranche 2 twin-seat Typhoon is now in the final stages of assembly at BAE Systems Warton. The Tranche 2 Typhoon will provide the customer with an increased capability thanks to the improved speed and power of the aircraft’s computers combined with the stronger airframe to enable the aircraft to carry heavier weapons. The major units of the aircraft (BT017) have arrived at Warton’s final assembly facility after being manufactured in the partner nations’ facilities across Europe – the front fuselage is built at the BAE Systems Samlesbury site in Lancashire. Once delivered to the RAF, in late 2009, the jet will be used to train the next generation of Typhoon pilots.

This latest milestone on Typhoon comes hot on the heels of other major achievements on the programme. On 1 July, the RAF declared Typhoon multi-role capable – this means the aircraft can deliver both an air-to-air and an air-to-ground capability – making it the most flexible aircraft in operation today. Also in the last few weeks, the first two single seat Tranche 2 aircraft made their maiden flights at Warton.

Typhoon is not only the cornerstone of the RAF’s and the partner nations’ air forces, but is also the backbone of BAE Systems’ and indeed Europe’s aerospace industry. The Typhoon programme employs over 100,000 people across Europe and involves 400 suppliers.


Source: Eurofighter Typhoon
Picture provided and copyrighted by Eurofighter Typhoon

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