435 Transport and Rescue Squadron To Conduct Night Flare Exercise at Shilo

17 WING WINNIPEG — 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron will conduct night exercises on the Shilo Range evenings from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m starting tonight until Friday morning, Feb. 17. The training exercise is part of 435 Squadron’s ongoing training for search and rescue crews.

The exercise involves dropping illumination flares and practising all aspects of night search and rescue operations including parachute descents by search and rescue technicians. The Shilo Range is located Southeast of CFB Shilo, and west of Highway 238.

Search and rescue is a 24 hour-a-day, seven day-a-week responsibility for 435 transport and Rescue Squadron. One aircraft is permanently assigned to search and rescue stand-by duty and is equipped to aid people, aircraft or vessels in distress. 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron and 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron at 8 Wing Trenton, Ont. provide primary search and rescue response for the Trenton Search and Rescue Region, the largest in Canada, which extends from Quebec City to the British Columbia/Alberta border, and from the Canada/United States border to the North Pole.

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Source: Canadian Forces
Picture: Search and Rescue Technician Cpl Kaulin Damron, with 435 “Chinthe” Transport and Rescue Squadron, 17 Wing Winnipeg, drops a smoke marker from the rear ramp of  a CC-130 Hercules tanker/transport during a training flight. Photo Credit: Canadian Forces photo by Cpl Chris Ward
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