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October 2005

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Featured Flight Simulation of the Month:
The spirit of Falcon 4.0 back to life!

Horizon Simulation is delighted to announce that it is to be the UK distribution partner for Falcon 4 – the flight simulation franchise that sold more than 900,000 units for the PC and which returns in an unprecedented fashion…

Just over five years ago, a military flight simulation took the PC games industry by storm. Falcon 4.0 was a game like no other and led to a following like no other. Years of development produced an F-16 simulator with legendary features such as a truly dynamic campaign engine, unrivalled depth of avionics and remarkable levels of artificial intelligence.

This summer, Lead Pursuit LLC, in association Graphsim Entertainment Inc., brings the spirit of Falcon 4.0 back to life with a totally updated simulator for 2005. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force pushes the boundaries once again for today’s demanding gaming enthusiast.

Features include:

  • Revamped graphics engine
  • Reworked multiplayer engine
  • Highly advanced artificial intelligence
  • Reworked dynamic campaign engine
  • Brand new theater of operations
  • New high resolution models and cockpits
  • Highly detailed terrain and airbases
  • Intuitive User Interface

The graphics engine supports real-time terrain lighting, dynamically-shaded 3D volumetric clouds and alpha-blended scattered clouds. Fog is also implemented and combined with new high resolution textures on models and the terrain, the visuals are tremendously improved. Highly detailed and clickable cockpits for three different F-16 aircraft are included: the Block 50/52, 40/42 and MLU variants.

The multiplayer engine features a new, problem-free connection method with support for a centralized, server-system style of play for internet and Local Area Network (LAN) games. Performance and reliability have been greatly improved for both custom made missions and campaign flights.

Perhaps the most important feature of Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is the Dynamic Campaign Engine (DCE). This is the war simulator where any event happening in any part of the theater of combat affects the war's direction throughout the theater. How you perform in your mission directly, and proportionately, determines what happens elsewhere. This is true for the tens of thousands of computer controlled entities in the game. It means that the player really feels part of a living war environment, part of something that is evolving around them in real time.

Some of the greatest changes have been to improve the interaction of computer controlled aircraft and the hundreds of ground entities in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force. Thousands of hours of work has led to remarkable improvements in artificial intelligence. During missions, computer-controlled aircraft will perform with precision. The role of the Forward Air Controller (FAC) is now implemented, allowing the player to co-operate with other flight aircraft when carrying out ground attacks. Brand new Air Traffic Control intelligently manages the flights in and out of bases.

The F-16's electronic systems simulated in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, including the avionics, are the most realistic for the home personal computer. Numerous modes and sub-modes in air-to-air and air-to-ground radar are accurately implemented to immerse the player in the feel of operating a modern combat aircraft. Identify and lock up targets just as they do in the real jet: feel the gut-wrenching adrenaline flow when the defensive electronic systems indicate a surface to air missile launch against your aircraft.

The new theater of operations is the Balkans. There are three time periods stretching from the mid-1990s to 2010, featuring appropriate aircraft, squadrons and units. Each theater period has three campaigns, making nine in total for the Balkans. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force also features a heavily revised Korean theater and associated campaigns.

Our most important feature is stability. At Lead Pursuit, it's the cornerstone of everything we do. Any new development or enhancement of the product has been extensively tested through classic play and with new dedicated, custom-made software running the equivalent of many thousands of hours of the simulation. Lead Pursuit is proud of the level of stability achieved in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force.


Intricately and Faithfully Modelled Aircraft…
Pilot three different variants of the F-16 Fighting Falcon - the best multi-role fighter ever built - including Block 40, Block 50/52 and MLU variants. Ultra-high fidelity physics modeling closely simulates actual aircraft handling and performance. The simulation also features the most advanced F-16 RADAR and weapons systems ever seen on a home computer.

Multiple Operational Theatres and Highly Varied Terrains…
Engage the enemy in two operational theaters - Korea and the Balkans - each covering over a million square Kilometers of territory. Dogfight over a wide variety of landscapes: wide seas, open grasslands, dense forests and snow capped mountains. Fly nap-of-earth missions through detailed terrain and undulating valleys.

Most Advanced Dynamic Campaign Engine Ever Made for a PC…
Simulate an entire war with the most advanced dynamic campaign engine ever made for your PC. This remarkable feature presides over tens of thousands of vehicles: air, land and sea. No two missions ever fly the same!

  • Fly alongside and against other aircraft prosecuting their own missions.
  • Bomb damage may or may not be repaired, depending on enemy resources and command.
  • Negotiate the electronic warfare arena with ground, air and sea RADAR.

Incredibly Advanced Artificial Intelligence…

  • Rely on advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to control your wingmen, or direct them as required throughout the mission.
  • Wingmen use real world doctrine and tactics in all aspects of their missions. Tune in to radio chatter directly related to the events
    unfolding around you.
  • Call on AWACS assistance in finding targets when you need help defending your flight from interception.
  • Go up against challenging enemy aircraft, sea and ground defenses
    all of which employ real attack and defense tactics.
  • Experience authentic Air Traffic Control procedures with stacks
    and talk down via your aircraft's radio.
  • See busy airbases with parked and taxiing aircraft, helicopter traffic,
    and aircraft takeoffs and landings.
Multiplayer - Head to Head or Cooperative (up to 16 players!)…
Participate in cooperative or adversarial multi-player flight over a LAN or over the Internet. Join large packages that can include over 20 aircraft -- some of which are flown by computer AI, others under human control during multi-player flight.

A Huge Array of Weapons For You To Fire…
Launch a variety of air-to-air missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-9 Sidewinder. Deploy a vast array of air-to-ground weaponry including the AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, cluster bombs, slick and high drag bombs and laser guided ordnance. Weapon systems are simulated using the most accurate publicly available specifications.

Virtually Every Defence Measure Available Trying to Stop you…
Encounter nearly every air defense measure available including SAMs (RADAR, infrared and optically guided), AAA and a GCI/IADS network designed to alert and neutralize threats on both sides. Search for enemies using accurate RADAR modes: RWS, TWS, VS, ACM, GM, GMT, SEA.

Minimum Specifications:

  • Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon® 1.8 GHz
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5GB (+500MB for Windows swap file)
  • Video/Graphics Card: 64 MB (3D Accelerated and DirectX® compatible)
  • Sound Card: DirectX® Version 9.0b (or higher) compatible
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 resolution colour monitor
  • Internet Connection: 56 Kbps (for multiplayer options)
  • Other: 4x CD ROM Drive, Windows compatible mouse, keyboard and joystick

Recommended Specifications:

  • Windows® XP Pro
  • Processor: Pentium® IV 1.5 GHz or AMD Athlon® 1.2 GHz
  • Hard Disk Space: 1.5GB (+500MB for Windows swap file)
  • Video/Graphics Card: 128 MB (3D Accelerated and DirectX® compatible)
  • Sound Card: DirectX® Version 9.0b (or higher) compatible
  • Monitor: 1024 x 768 resolution colour monitor
  • Internet Connection: ADSL/Broadband (for multiplayer options)
  • Other: 4x CD ROM Drive, Windows compatible mouse, keyboard and joystick

Full details of the Horizon range can be accessed at

About Lead Pursuit
Lead Pursuit LLC is a software development company specialising in top-class military combat simulators for the personal home computer. The company is based in Texas with developers spread all over the world. Each has a detailed understanding of military flight simulation and is committed to products which push realism, depth and fidelity to new standards. Lead Pursuit is passionate about military simulators and sets its standards to those of the most demanding, intelligent games enthusiast. More details about Lead Pursuit and its products can be found at

About Horizon Simulation
Horizon Simulation is a pioneering software specialist that leads the world in the development of highly detailed and accurate virtual models of the real world for use in training and gaming flight simulators.

A British company, based in London, Horizon works with the best international data suppliers to create highly innovative and immersive scenery upgrades for the world’s most advanced flight simulations. Horizon’s products give simulator pilots the same views from their virtual cockpit that real aviators enjoy in flight, providing fascinating landscapes for the casual user and a large amount of training value to private and professional pilots around the globe.

Horizon’s operations in the professional simulation industry for both civilian and defense clients assures that its consumer products are always at the forefront of the development of virtual modeling. Insight from these professional liaisons is used to conceive new software upgrades for consumer simulators, which are tested and used by some of the world’s most revered flying establishments.

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eDimensional redefines value for gamers and simmers
with the The "Headbanger" Headset Voice Buddy
Interactive Voice Control Version 3

Voice Buddy adds voice control and voice synthesis to your PC for flightsimming and also many other games. Voice Buddy consists of two modules that work in concert with each other. The core engine provides voice recognition and synthesis and the game edition which provides the specific commands and other features for each game. Together, these two components give you complete voice control over all the keyboard commands in your flightsim or other game applications. So, whether you are into flightsimming, racing, first-person shooters, role-playing games, strategy or sports -- you can easily get the competitive edge in the game by simply adding a Voice Buddy game edition for your favourite titles.

Its simplicity belies the powerful software and hardware technology at work with Voice Buddy. You simply speak voice commands. Voice Buddy gives you a verbal response that acknowledges the command and Flight Simulator or any supported game performs the action. I came to think of Voice Buddy as my co-pilot sitting in the right-hand seat. Voice Buddy gives you a choice of many different male and female computer voices. My personal favourite was "Mary". These are not just recorded messages that are played back but the computer is actually talking to you and responding to your orders.

Voice Buddy Version 3

  • Full-featured, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself voice command manager.
    Now you can easily create voice command sets for all your favourite games.
  • Plus, 11 new voice command sets bringing you over 60 voice command editions for all the hottest games
  • And, you get free game edition updates for life!

eDimensional redefines value for gamers and simmers.
The all new Voice Buddy v. 3.0 is the most comprehensive and powerful voice control application for gaming ever created! Take command of virtually all of your favourite PC titles with the sound of your voice. From flight sims to first person shooters, you gain total control over every key command instantly with no setup or training required. Plus get exclusive interactive strategy guides, tips, cheat codes, user guides and more! Only Voice Buddy comes preconfigured with thousands of voice commands that are instantly recognized and executed with precision. Version 3.0 now contains an all-new Do-It-Yourself profile wizard to quickly and easily Voice Buddy Enhance virtually any game you choose. Plus our command administrator gives you full control over customizations. Add our critically acclaimed AudioFX gaming headset (a $49.95 value) for just $30 and Voice Buddy becomes an even better value! Leave your hands on the controls and gain the competitive advantage you demand with Voice Buddy. There's nothing else like it. This is the must-have add-on that every gamer needs. Only Voice Buddy gives you true, interactive voice control for games and simulations in every genre, a full set of do-it-yourself tools, exclusive interactive training plus voice command editions for more than 60 games – all in one giant collection at a single one low price!

eDimensional redefines value for gamers and simmers. At last! Get sensational value in a single software application. Now, with Voice Buddy 3.0, you get instant voice control for over sixty of today's hottest games and sims. Plus, you get free downloads for all future Voice Buddy 3.0 game profiles.
Get the voice control gamer's edge now.

Forget about all the annoying keyboard commands needed to play today’s complex PC games and simulations. Just say it and now your computer does it! What's more, your PC actually talks back to you with positive command feedback, in-game training and tips, plus much more.

Ready-to-Run With Over 60 Built-in Game Editions
The most impressive about VB3 is the fact that it comes already loaded with thousands of voice commands for 5 dozen games. This is a radical departure from where Voice Buddy started when you had to buy the core engine and then separately purchase each individual game edition. Now that they are all included free, we can imagine that Voice Buddy is about a $600 value. Not bad for the $49.95 that you pay for the software only version. Voice Buddy comes pre-loaded with all commands for over 60 games.

VB3 includes all your favorite flightsims such as FS2004, FS2002, LOMAC, the entire IL-2 series and Combat Flight Simulator 3 and 2.
There are many special features for Flight Simulator, IL-2 and LOMAC.

FREE! Voice command edition updates for life.
Voice Buddy registered users get free downloads of new game edition voice command sets as we publish them for tomorrow's exciting new games. No setup required. Voice Buddy puts thousands of intuitive commands instantly at your command.

NEW! Do-It-Yourself tools.
Only Voice Buddy 3.0 gives you a new, easy-to-use, full-featured set of do-it-yourself tools. Now it is easier than ever before to customize the existing voice command sets. Best of all, you can create entire voice command sets from scratch. It's fast, easy, and fun to Voice Buddy Enhance virtually any game you choose.

NEW! Share voice command sets with your friends.
Now you can share your original or customized voice command sets with your team-mates and squadron buddies around the corner or across the globe. Perfect for multiplayer squad-based action.

The world's first truly interactive voice recognition companion.
Voice Buddy consists of a core voice recognition engine coupled with separate editions that provide thousands of specific keyboard commands and interactive training for a very large range of games and simulations. With dozens of new editions in development, check back often to find more of your favorites.

Executes commands at the speed of sound.
Through “bleeding edge” voice recognition, speech synthesis, plus sophisticated computer command and control technology, Voice Buddy recognizes your voice commands and executes them instantly with absolute precision - all while providing you with vocal confirmation that the command has been executed. With Voice Buddy, you no longer need to type keyboard commands since every keyboard hotkey command in every game edition can be controlled more efficiently by a voice command. Keep your hands on the controls where they should be! Plus, Voice Buddy executes actions in real-time at microsecond computer speeds much faster than a human can type. Now you'll never have to stop the game and hunt through the manual or search for that multi-key-combo. Just say it and it is done.

Voice Buddy offers much more than just voice recognition.
The Voice Buddy Interactive Trainer (VBIT) is your virtual drill instructor, instant level teleporter, game mod installer, built in strategy guide and much more. When you issue the appropriate voice commands, you invoke the VBIT and Voice Buddy talks you through the desired action or gives you a short briefing on the game. Learn the secrets, get the scoop on single and multiplayer game-winning tactics, teleport instantly to any game level, and install game mods in the blink of an eye without ever touching the keyboard. VBIT varies with the game and teaches you about weapons, vehicles, tactics, game maneuvers, winning strategies, and much more.

Ready-to-go the minute you install it.
No complicated set-up. No tedious hours of training and editing voice commands are required. Voice Buddy is ready-to-go. Just kick the tires, light the fires and go!


The "Headbanger" Headset

• Driver Unit: 057mm, Colbat Magnet
• Impedance: 32 Ohm +/-10%
• Sensitivity: 106dB +/-3dB at 1 KHz
• Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
• Maximum Power Handling: 100t mW

• Type: 10mm Electrets Condenser
• Directivity: Noise Canceling
• Impedance: Low
• Sensitivity: -58dB +/-3dB
• Frequency Response: 30-16,000Hz
• Standard Operating Voltage: 5V

The Audio FX allows you to turn on an amazing force feedback system that synchronizes the vibration effects with the sound. The eDimensional Audio FX headset has built-in noise cancellation that blocks unwanted ambient noise and prevents it from interfering with your voice commands. It has a high-quality, voice recognition certified microphone and a fully adjustable microphone boom. The boom is a perfect place to put the TrackIR3 Pro tracking dot.

Audio FX creates a unique force feedback envelope that is synchronized to the sound action of your game, music, DVD, or whatever sound comes though the headphones. It also has flashing lights on the headphones that scale to the sound intensity and vibration effects.

The overall feel of the Audio FX is surprisingly comfortable considering that it is larger than the Plantronics Audio 90. The Audio FX looks and feels more like an actual pilot headset. The ergonomic design, combined with the large padded headband and excellent balance make it very comfortable to wear for long flights. The soundproof padding on the headphones effectively blocks out all ambient noise. This immerses you into an audio envelope that is impressive to say the very least. It's hard to describe in so many words. You just have to try it and see for yourself.

For further information please visit:

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AIRBUS A380: “Fly the world largest airliner” by abacus

This summer every one was talking about Airbus and especially about the largest aircraft the A380 it would finally be its first flight and would be presented at the Bourget air show. This was the time for some some payware software developers to bring the same aircraft for the virtual world. Don’t ask me how they find out the necessary parameters to develop the aircrafts flight dynamic but let’s us discover what this box would be “Fly the world largest airliner” by abacus.

The box contains one cd, the registration form and a small manual; the installation starts upon the cd as been insert in your cd loader of your pc and ask you what kind of flight simulator you are using the FS2002 or the FS2004 in this case it will be the FS2004 and a few moment later the installation process is done and set the aircrafts, the scenery and some flight situations in there proper folders.

Let’s start and see how Abacus made the home base of the A380 Toulouse Blagnac well really disappointing since they took the default scenery on which they put a terminal building with some bridges and at the other end the airbus hangar for both the textures we can say that some freeware designer can do much better than this.

Time now to get in the aircraft and discover the panel we first show how the real one looks out see the figures her under and those who knowing the Airbus family will recognise some similarity.

We could expect an approximate similar panel but as you discover by yourself the layout of the panel his far away than from the real one. None of the ecams are can be zoomed and the PFD readability could be much more better luckily the ND and the EICAS have a better resolution. Under the EICAS you can watch the on/off situation of some systems.

The pedestal is everything except the one from an A380 spoilers and flaps are on the wrong place and the layout of it his not correct too, and the radio panel his like more something assembling of one of the default aircraft of msf.

The FMC is probably the easiest one as it as only the function to load your flight plan which you have to create trough MSF route planner.

  • The aircraft performance can be read during your flight as well as the position furthermore you can consult your route legs and the progress of your flight.
  • RTE pressing this and you can have the view of your route
  • LEGS his similar as the RTE
  • PROG gives the parameters of your flight such as distance estimated times
  • EXEC this will engage the autopilot
  • HOLD sets the horizontal hold of the aircraft
  • VHOLD sets the vertical hold of the aircraft.
  • RST will reset your FMC.

Before taking the flight lets us going over to check the outside view of the aircraft but here again it his disappointed to discover that the final touch his really missing. Not too many details and the moving parts are likely more like the defaults aircraft from MSF 2004. Doors and cargo are opening, slats and flaps and spoilers are operating too. Seems that the tyres need some air!! And those doors are not fully opened.

From the overhead panel you can activated the doors and stairs, all doors are opened as well as cargo doors the fuel truck , catering truck and the luggage’s carts are positioned at the aircrafts. The simmer who possess active camera can trough this have a walk to interior view of the cabin.

Before taking the A380 for the flight you will have to change the quantity of fuel as the tanks are set them at 80 percent each and the Max.take off weight is not exceeded and you will have fuel enough for a very long flight and if you are intended to make one not mentioned in the default flight you first will have to made a flight plan trough the menus Flight and sub menus Flight planner and save it so that you can load it trough the FMC.

Taxi the A380 must be done carefully as most of the taxiways at less knowing international airports are too large for this type of aircraft we believe that in the reality they will have the same problem and only a few international airports are or will be ready to accept the A380.

The rolling for the take off is progressing smoothly and rotate between 140/150 k and you can easily perform you climb on manual up to 8000/10000 feet by engaging your autopilot the aircraft his following very well his route according the flight plan as well as the selected altitude.

But since you have no info about the TOD you better calculate on time your descent and during this phase the vertical speed must not be set to high as your speed will increase rapidly a 1400 feet/min vertical speed will more less maintain your speed specially under the level of 10.000 feet and keeping in mind that the approach final speed will not exceed 160 k with full flaps.

We had during our test flight more the feeling to fly the default MSF heavy aircraft (B777/ B747 ) than an airbus A380 however for those who wants to fly without having studying an operation manual it may be an enjoyment

As written in their manual we must keep in mind that the information is not as precise real world operations. Aircrafts manufacturers and airlines, for obvious reasons are reluctant to release detailed aircrafts specifications therefore Abacus generalized the information they possess to realise this software.

For some it will enjoy it as announced by Abacus for others would like more some hardcore simulations they will probably prefer the A380 from Wilco Fleet which his more detailed replica of the aircraft and more detailed panel.

Ludo Haesaerts - FSCB /LH-FVO

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AEROSOFT PA-18: Piper Super Cub

My expectations were high when the Aerosoft Piper Super Cub was released. I had been searching for a decent Super Cub for Flight Simulator, because I have very good memories of this aircraft especially as towing aircraft for gliders. Until that moment every specimen for FS proved to be a disappointment, most probably due to my real life experience on the Super Cub. The testing of this Cub by Aerosoft proved to be a real pleasure; and throughout the test my admiration grew as to the degree of realism reached in this product.

The Super Cub is the successor of the Piper J3 which arrived on the aviation scene in 1937. We all know this Piper J3, it is one of the standard aircraft included in FS9. The Piper became very popular because of its lenient flight characteristics, its sturdy structure, its cheap maintenance and its wide usability.

The initial J3 had a 65 HP engine; the Super Cub was fitted with a 150 HP and at a later stage with a 180 HP engine. It became very popular not only for instruction, but also for photo and surveillance flights and for glider and banner towing. To put it briefly, it became the universal workhorse in light aviation. Although the exteriors of the Super Cub and the J3 are very much alike, there are important differences. Because the nose tank of the J3 was replaced by two wing tanks, the Super Cub is flown in solo flight from the front seat. This of course improves the forward view of the pilot.

The aircraft is available for download on the Aerosoft site :,
or the Simmarket site :

It is a 60 MB file and it will cost you 24.95 Euro.

Payment can be done with your credit card. After receiving the confirmation by email, you can download the file. After starting the installer, the installation runs automatically. Needless to say that you need an internet connection to install the aircraft. After the installation you will find the aircraft in the aircraft library under PIPER; there 2 options are available: the J3 and the newly installed Super Cub. Five different versions are installed: An amphibian, on floaters, on skis, on normal gear and one on the oversized Tundra wheels. A 35 page manual is included in the installation. It is advisable to read this manual carefully; it will increase your enjoyment while flying this aircraft.

Outside view:
The outside views are acceptable without highlights. Especially the textures could have been better. On the other hand the animations both inside and outside are impeccable. The reproduction of the tail-wheel with its two side springs is particularly successful. And for those who don’t like the tinted windows or the large visible propeller replacement BMPs have been included. The installation puts these BMPs in the folder: Fs9/Aerosoft/SuperCub. A very clear read-me file provides the necessary explanation. The flaps are adjustable in two positions, the suspension of the gear is realistic and the doors open in the typical Piper fashion. Even the sliding window on the left-hand side is present.

Flight characteristics:
The most realistic features of this Super Cub are without doubt the flight characteristics. These designers obviously knew the Super Cub very well and they obviously knew how it flies and how it reacts to the rudder deflections. At the run-up with 1200 RPM you will notice the temperature rise and when performing a magneto-check you even get a realistic and acceptable drop of 50 RPM. The response to a flap setting change is exactly as it should be. Indeed a Super Cub reacts first to the increase in lift, by raising its nose on the horizon. Only then it reacts to the increase in drag. This effect is reproduced very well and this gives you the real “Cub-feeling”. The execution of a three point landing will necessitate some training; it remains a tail-wheel aircraft with the typical properties. Keep the approach speed on 60 KIAS, reduce to 50 KIAS and when approaching ground start the flair out and raise the nose progressively. If the landing speed is somewhat high this Cub seems to refuse to land due to the ground effect, exactly as it would do in real life.

There is a saying that there as many different panels as there are Pipers built. In this Piper the bitmaps are made photorealistic and the gauges are fitted very nicely. Less successful in my view is the integration of the various click spots on the right-hand bottom of the panel. These are rather inconveniently placed in the panel which is otherwise of a higher quality. Via these click spots the different sub-panels can be activated. Monitor the fuel supply via the left-hand and the right-hand sub-panel and switch to the fuller tank every 30 minutes. Note that the Fuel Selector switch is only available from the Virtual Cockpit. Every instrument can be clicked; it will then be enlarged on the screen.

The compass is in fact subject to deviation, the magnetic influence of the metal mass of the aircraft, the explanation about this phenomenon can be found in the excellent manual which is provided. When lined-up the gyro-compass can be aligned with the button in the left-hand bottom corner of the instrument.

It is very enjoyable to fly this Cub from the “virtual cockpit”. Zoom out a little to get a better view of the instruments and perhaps adapt the height of the seat with Shift+Backspace.

The typical brake system of the Piper, pushing the pedals under the rudder steering with the heels, can be operated by clicking these pedals from the virtual cockpit. Needless to say that most Pipers have only VFR-instruments, the artificial horizon is exceptional in this class of aircraft.

In this release they go even a step further: this Piper is limited IFR equipped. The timer is based on your logged time and the oil consumption is calculated accordingly. The engine of the Cub can easily consume between 0.4 and 0.6 litres of oil per hour. Via a separate window you can check the oil level with the dipstick and if needed fill up.

As the oil consumption is based on the logged time, it is not possible to reset it by restarting. Keep an eye on the oil pressure and temperature during flight.

The sound file was recorded from the real aircraft and this contributes again to the realistic feel of this Cub. Even the change of sound when switching to Virtual Cockpit or to Spot View is true to life. Via a separate window additional sounds can be activated; this is particularly important when landing the amphibious version or the version fitted with skis.

Testing system:
- Processor : PIV - 3.4
- Motherboard : Asus P4P800 SE
- Memory : 1024 MB DDR
- Graphical interface : Radeon 9800 PRO 128 MB

When buying a commercial software product one expects the necessary support. Aerosoft does exactly that. Via their online forum most problems can easily be solved. This software package performs flawless and is kind to the frame rates. My judgment may be influenced by my love for the Super Cub, but in my view this aircraft is worth every eurocent. It proves it does not always have to be a liner with complex FMC to enjoy the virtual flying. To quote the title page of the manual: ‘it is fun to fly low and slow’ Highly recommended.

Ludo Haesaerts - FSCB /LH-FVO

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IVAO Releases Update “IvAp 1.1” and MTL

The International Virtual Aviation Organization, IVAO, has released an update to their pilot client IvAp 1.1 and to their MTL aircraft libraries. These updates include improvements to the Follow Me Car, Inspection Car, and to correct some of the MTL aircraft.cfg and aircraft models. In addition enhancements were made to IvAp to support future additions to the pilot client software.

Likewise, to support further developments of the MTL aircraft for member Virtual Airlines, IVAO is sponsoring a virtual meeting with all VA CEO’s or their representatives on September 03, 2005 at 1900Z to discuss future MTL releases aimed specifically at the VA’s. For more information concerning this meeting, please contact Alexander Lutz at [email protected]

For more information and to download the update for IvAp, please go here

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Aerosoft Online has just released Monaco 2005

A project that does not boost a long and exhaustive list of features. Basically it only has one feature, its gorgeous looks and the coverage of a entire country with almost every building in 3D (okay, it IS a very small country). But if you like your scenery dense and detailed you will love this one. If you like helicopters or seaplanes, you just found a new destination. If you have ever been to Monaco you will surely feel right at home in this rather unique scenery project (how about a country that is nearly as HIGH as it is WIDE?). There have been a lot of shots floating around the net the last few weeks and what Aerosoft shows on the product page seems to confirm the impression that was created. Could this be the successor to their Manhattan scenery?

The (slightly) extended version:
For a long time we have been looking for projects that are special, not yet another airport, not yet another aircraft. And this is one, following on the footsteps of Manhattan, the best selling product on our online shop, sure is one. When we saw the first screenshots we knew this would be a winner. Clearly for a niche market, as there is no way to even land a Super Cub in Monaco (okay, on floats), but if you like your choppers you will find this a very exiting scenery. With the manual and the included charts you are able to fly the complex route to Nice Airport. We’ll even provide a nice repaint of the Robinson in the colors of the Aeroclub de Monaco. Or take the short trip between the heliport (in stunning detail) and the Lady Moira, one of the biggest private ships every build that has a large helideck. The night effects are rather stunning, also because Monaco is perched on the cliffs of the Med and the lights and streets go up and not extend towards the distance. The first time you fly a night approach to LNMC heliport this causes a very strange feeling, but a stunning sight for sure.

Monaco is a lot of things, but above all it is small. For American minds, used to large scales, it is hard to believe a country of 1.95 sq km (0.75 sq mi) can exist. The population is around 30.000 (yes, that makes it very crowed). The average airport is a lot larger, that gives you some idea of the scale. To make matters worse, the available land is extremely steep, about as high as wide. But it is independent and a full member of the United Nations. It deserved its place in FS2004.

It is rare that an add-on for FS2004 adds a whole country (not COVER a whole country but actually ADDING the country to the FS2004 GOTO airport list) but we managed with this amazing product. Monaco, the second smallest country on the globe is done in amazing detail. And indeed, Monaco is smaller then some airports and it does not have an airport, but is has a very nice heliport that is one of the busiest of the all the heliports. Every hour several choppers fly to and from Nice airport to pick up the few people who can afford a house in the nicer parts of the city.

Aerosoft Monaco 2005, follows in the footsteps of Manhattan, the best selling product in our online shop. Clearly for a niche market, as there is no way to even land a Super Cub in Monaco (okay, if you’ve got floats), but if you like your choppers you will find this a very exiting scenery. With the manual and the included charts you are able to fly the complex route to Nice Airport, and we’ll even provide a nice repaint of the Robinson in the colors of the exclusive Aeroclub de Monaco. Or you could take the short trip between the heliport (in stunning detail) and the Lady Moura, one of the top ten biggest private ships ever built, which also has a large helideck. The night effects are also stunning, and because Monaco is perched on the cliffs of the Med and the lights and streets go up the mountains, the first time you fly a night approach to LNMC heliport is a very strange feeling, but a stunning sight for sure.

For further information about the product, please visit:

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FS Addon Manager: The real timesaver with your flight simulator 2004 addons!

FS Addon Manager is a great new Software for managing addons to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. You may easily import your existing Aircraft, Panels, Sounds and Sceneries. You may assign panels and sounds to aircraft as you whish. FS-AOM is a real timesaver when it comes to install new aircraft and sceneries directly from distribution ZIP files you may have downloaded. With the unique ZIP Browser you can look into the ZIP file, display the included pictures as well as the contained aircraft variants and read the docs, all before you actually install it. With the new Option Installer, within seconds you add textures (liveries, repaints), models, sounds etc. to your aircraft directly from the downloaded ZIPs. You may even add or remove aircraft variants as you whish. Thanks to the built-in ZIP routines no separate software such as WinZIP is required! The comprehensive Hangar management allows you to manage and configure your addons off your live FS2004 installation. Completing your collection with pictures is a snap: FS-AOM can take screenshots directly from your FS-2004 window, you may paste them from then clipboard or insert them from a file using the built-in Picture Browser! Ordering your aircraft collection has never been as easy: create as many categories as you whish and drag'n drop your planes to as many categories as you want. You'll be amazed!

The quick and easy one-click scenery management lets you keep on disk just those currently used. You may compress addons into ZIP packages while saving up to 75% of the diskpace and still having the addons ready for use. As a unique feature AOM lets you directly share addons with your friends via email. Such received addons can be installed with one click directly from emails.

AI Traffic Management! Fully integrated in the other features, the existing functionality will be aware of your AI Traffic setup. You will also find a very powerful, while still easy to use AI Flight Planner which will give you all the control power and flexibility you always wanted in creating your FS generated ATC Traffic. It will be so easy to create new AI flightplans. Many entries will be calculated automatically so you can create lots of traffic for your favorite airport in a snap!

AI Flightplan Importer: With this new feature you may easily import AI flightplans directly from those silly TXT files, or if they are zipped, even directly out of the ZIPs. It filters out the data from the mass of text usually contained in the same file. If any airports for such flightplans are missing, you may look them up in the included list of 5000+ ICAO codes. If the Geo data are missing, you may import them directly from (even zipped) AFCAD files or directly from the internet.

You will just love it!

FS Addon Manager is the only software of it's kind allowing you to finally print those great reports of your valuable addon collection! The WYSIWYG Print Preview feature allows you to see the printout! These reports not only include all relevant data, but are also illustrated for each addon with it's screenshots of aircraft and panels. In combination with Adobe Acrobat, you create great looking catalogs to share with your friends.

Diagnostic Center and button bar and...

The Diagnostic Center allows you to analyse your configuration of both, the FS-2004 and the Hangar. It allows you to find unused and missing Gauges, clean out the unused gauges. You may see at a glance, with a clear tree representation, which aircraft "borrow" their panels and sounds to which other aircraft. This makes it easy to get a picture of the whole situation. You may also find orphaned ZIP Hangar Packages (not part of a listed aircraft), and choose to remove or reinstall it. Last but not least there are useful automated functions such as intelligent refreshing of all Hangar Packages in one run.

Single Livery Install, Deletion/Rename Detection, HTML-Export and...

With this new feature it is finally possible UnZIP/Add to FS-2004 only the livery needed either to fly and/or for AI traffic. No longer you have to take from the Hangar an entire 25-liveries/400MB aircraft just to fly that particular "Shamrock"! Nevertheless all other liveries are still exactly ONE click away!

When deleting an aircraft that contains any original Panel and/or Sounds, FS-AOM will automatically verify your entire configuration and detect any onther aircraft using this resource. It even offers you to export this resource to a central Options Pool. This makes the resource still available even after you deleted the aircraft. This will save you loads of diskspace and keeps your installation consistent!

Even when renaming an addon folder from within FS-AOM, the entire configuration is verfied and all aliases pointing to the renamed folder will be automatically updated.

The HTML-Export lets you generate an entire (Sub-)Website including the resampled images of the listed aircraft. Not only is this feature useful for quickly browsing your collection: by copying this to your ISP's personal Website, you may show your visitors your proud Hangar collection!

For further informaton, please visit:

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Battle of Britain II Limited Edition

Limited Edition :
Exclusive Battle of Britain
documentary DVD included !

Battle of Britain 2 “Wings of Victory” recreates the fierce and famous air battles southern England in 1940. The game delivers explosive fun for veteran and casual gamers alike, and occurs over a vast and living world below which will be forever known as one the world’s most decisive moments in history. Battle of Britain 2 “Wings of Victory” allows the player to either act as the supreme commander of either side, or simply click “fly” and let your generals manage the war below.

As commander, you can control the war down to a single aircraft or building in a world where thousands upon thousands battle for supremacy.Thousands of targets including every plane, factory, airfield, and radar station have a specific role and impact on the progress of the war below.

As the enormous campaign plays out below, you will observe both allied and enemy flights carrying out their daily missions. You can take your commanders hat off and jump in the cockpit of the British Hurricane, Spitfire, German Messerschmitt, Stuka dive bomber, or man the gunstations of the Dornier Do17, Heinkel He111, and Ju-88 level bombers. As a pilot, all you need to do is destroy the enemy when you can and get you and your comrades home alive.

Whatever you choose, you will be amidst the relentless and endless waves of German aircraft, taking part in the most authentic historical re-creations of these amazing battles. Get ready to strap yourself in for the fight of your life.

The “In Cockpit” Experience :

  • Clickable cockpits for the ultimate flying experience
  • Realistic starting procedures via mouse
  • Built-in native track-IR support with the latest 6 degrees of freedom support, including moving your head forward, backwards, left, right, up and down
  • The industry’s best padlocking system
  • The industry’s most natural g-force movements

The Ultimate Dynamic Campaign

  • Authentic re-Creation of the entire Battle of Britain campaign
  • Experience epic battles with hundreds of aircraft in the air at once
  • Thousands of aircraft are tracked and combat ready from their historical airfields. Knocking out enemy airfields hurts the enemy’s ability to launch aircraft from those specific airfields.
  • Authentic radar and spotting system
  • The entire war machine, down to just a single building is modeled
  • Be the supreme commander or just be the pilot

“RealWeather” Technology

  • Both historical and dynamic weather conditions exist throughout the theater
  • Building storm fronts with towering storm heads
  • Turbulence, Real-time, in-flight weather changes, Realistic weather forecasting

Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer piloted airplanes fly with the same performance and flight characteristics the player flies with,
    for a precise, historically accurate offline experience
  • “RealPilot” Artificial Intelligence Technology means enemy aircraft have the same limitations
    the player has
  • Both the player and the enemy can use the clouds for safety and cover
  • Study and exploit the enemy’s weaknesses with charts included in the printed pilot’s manual
  • Enemy aircraft have the same characteristics and performance as the player’s aircraft,
    including actual joystick movements

Realistic Sound

  • Authentic engine sounds and behavior, inside and out
  • Machineguns, explosions, hits, and flack fill the battlefield
  • Negative g stalls, sputtering, engine overheating
  • Open the canopy and hear the difference
  • Complex engine management including prop-pitch, mixture, and engine temperature

Unprecedented Visual Effects

  • Accurately modeled visual effects create the ultimate battlefield experience
  • Authentic bomb blasts in accordance to military test data, including realistic fireball size / duration, shockwaves, and dirt blasts
  • Realistic gun-hits on aircraft, ground targets, land, and water
  • Towering clouds of black smoke cover the battlefield for the entire flight
  • Be a part of hundreds of bombers as countless bombs reign down on targets below


  • Immersive, powerful, and historical command and control on the ground and in the air

For further information, please visit:

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Wilco Fleet : A400M, The New Generation Airlifter !

The A400M was designed according to the joint prerequisites from the seven countries participating in the project (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Turkey). The aircraft will cover different tactical transport, logistical, humanitarian and peace-keeping needs. A400M offers to the air transport world a modern, multi-role airlifter which will replace the ageing fleets of C-130 Hercules and C-160 Transall in service with the air forces around the world.

This new aircraft guarantees far superior performance and characteristics as compared to competitors : double load capacity, greater cruising speed and range, optimum capabilities for low-altitude flights.

Equipped with four high speed turboprop engines, it will feature a cargo capacity of 37 tons over 3,550 nm at a maximum cruise speed of mach 0.72. Its design will enable it to operate in areas with deficient infrastructure and on short/unpaved runways. It will also be able to refuel and be refueled in flight. So far, 180 A400M have already been ordered.


  • Highly detailed replica of the Airbus A400M
  • GMax exterior/interior models
  • Complete and detailed 2D cockpit
  • 3D Interactive Virtual Cockpit, fully clickable
  • Outstanding 3D Cabin, fully textured
  • NEW : Detailed interior : cargo/transporter for humanitarian/medical operations
  • Wingview
  • Different liveries : Unicef, refuelling, Red Cross, camouflage, Coast Guard,…
  • Frame-rate friendly with different aircraft variants included (with/without interior, cockpit and virtual cabin) for various computer performances
  • Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own airlines


  • Unique flight characteristics
  • Sound effects
  • Numerous animations : feathered blades, hydraulic suspension, flaps,
    landing gear, cargo and pilots doors, reverses,...
  • Fly-By-Wire Flight Control System : bank angle limiter and automatic
    stall recovery system
  • NEW : Manage cargo handling : embark/disembark vehicles from the
    main cargo bay
  • Animated 3D pilots
  • NEW : 8-bladed propellers with de-icing
  • High resolution reflectives textures, dynamic shine, realistic night lighting,…


  • NEW : Hotspots on the panel to access multiple 2D panels
  • Vector gauges for the Primary Flight Display, ND, Engine/Warning Display
    and System Display
  • NEW : Head Up Display (HUD) with basic navigation instruments
  • NEW : Realistic MCDU : new generation Airbus with large digital clickable screen
  • SIDs and STARs included in the FMS database
  • FMS datas entered with the mouse or through your keyboard
  • ND with arc, rose, nav and plan mode
  • Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple callouts
  • Pop up EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays.
  • Resizable and detachable gauges for any additional monitor use
  • Traffic and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
  • IRS shows LAT/LON
  • Warnings and caution messages
  • Multi Function Display including NAV, Plan, Rose, Radio modes,…
  • Very accurate AutoPilot control panel simulating almost all the features :
    Speed, Heading, Altitude mode, ILS approach mode, Autoland,
    Flight Path Angle, Speed mode.
  • Battery and generators switches fully operative with corresponding action
  • APU startup/shutdown sequences simulated with all the corresponding
    EICAS messages
  • Anti-ice and lights sub-panels with active switches
  • NAVDATA database compatible. Enjoy the very high quality AIRAC
    cycles from
  • HARDWARE Compatibility : the Go Flight modules & Track IR Deluxe Pack
  • The NEW sign is about new features compared to previous Wilco Fleet products.

Some features may not be correctly rendered. Wilco Fleet : A400M has been developed within the limits of confidentiality.

For further information, please visit:

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X-Plane® "Isère" scenery available

Isere is a multi-faceted region with a host of surprises in store, reaching from Oisans to Vercors, from Belledonne to Chartreuse, to south Isere with its plains and hills, passing through the city of Grenoble. This scenery was build from aerial pictures provided by IGN. The scenery coverage is about 7000 Km. This package include all airports charts of the région, and automated installation (for Windows user).


  • Installation : Semi-Automated / Bilinguales
  • Documentation : User manual / Airports charts
  • Compatibility : PC / Mac XP-Plane 7.** and 8.**


XP-simulation carries out Addons sceneries for Microsoft® Flight Simulator and X-Plane®. In order to offer you the best and more complete realism, we use high- end technologies of modeling and integration.

As such we use the orthometric photography (IGN dated) for returned ground. The modeling of the 3D objects is realized under GMAX. The buildings are textured starting from photographies taken by ourselves or by local pilots. In addition, our partners DGAC/STBA provide us with technical data on the various airports.

For further information, please visit:

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PILOT'S - SR71 Stealth Released For FS2004

  • It was world record holder in speed (mach 3.31).
  • It operated in altitudes which weren't even believed by air traffic controllers guiding the aircraft.
  • Pilot: Radar, Good Day, Airforce Blackbird, request FL 600
  • Controller (with a chuckle): Sir, if you can reach, you are cleared FL 600
  • Pilot: US Air Force Blackbird, leaving FL 800, decending Level 600
  • It set the altitude record in horizontal flight when it flew at 85069ft in July 1976.
  • It is powered by two Pratt&Whittney J-58 turbojet engines. In fact, the aircraft was designed and built "around" them.
  • Although it flew three times the speed of sound, jet engines can only operate by taking in air, which is subsonic.
    The spikes at the front of the engine are designed to slow down the air.
  • Its fuel is JP-7, which is low volatile Jet Propellant Type 7, to allow the SR71 to fly in the heat generated by its speed.
    This fuel is ignited by reaction with triethyl borane, which on the other hand is so volatile, that it will ignite spontaneously in plain air!

You see, the SR71 is an aircraft with attitude! And you can operate it now within your FS2004 environment!

Main features:

  • Fully working Afterburners with modelled FX file for exact looks
  • The aircraft leaks on the ground ... check at screenshots! Again we have designed a special FX file to get that to work.
    Watch the puddle grow beneath the aircraft!
  • Moving Spikes according to speed. Engine Spikes move in when speed increases ...
  • Animated exhaust
  • Animated pilots
  • Animated cockpitdoors
  • Animated realistic drag-chute for brakeing
  • functional 2D panel (enhanced for Online Flying and fully mouse usable!)
  • functional animated VC
  • prepared for future feature upgrades (such as, but not limited to inflight refueling, fuel dump, etc)
  • realistic startup sounds
  • sounds differ inside - outside the aircraft
  • comes in several liveries - register your serial number and get even more liveries!
  • designed to fly at mach 3.3 and FL 850

For further information, please visit:

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Helicopteros del Sureste orders cueSim Flight Training Device (FTD)

cueSim has announced that Helicopteros del Sureste (HSE) has ordered a cueSim BELL 412 Helicopter Flight Training Device (FTD). The order, which includes a comprehensive spares and support package, will help to place HSE in a leading position for the provision of helicopter flight training in Spain.

The HSE simulator, which is to be qualified to JAR-STD 2H Level 3 , the highest standard of type specific training device, will be housed in a purpose-built installation at HSE's headquarters in Spain. "To maintain Grupo Helisureste's commitment to increasing flight security on its operations we have decided to procure a cueSim Bell 412 FTD. This simulator provides our Group of Companies with the latest in technology for pilot training and puts us at the forefront of this field in Spain. We are confident of the success of this project and further joint ventures," said Luis Miñano Sanvalero, HSE's managing director.

In order to qualify as a Level 3 FTD all of the BELL 412 cockpits functions will be simulated and the software modelling of the dynamics of the aircraft must be within a three percent tolerance of the real aircraft performance. The simulator will provide a highly detailed visual database and an accurate navigation database, generated for HSE's own operating and training regions in Spain.

The order for the BELL 412 follows the recent UK CAA qualification of the Bond Air Services EC 135 FTD, which was also supplied by cueSim. cueSim's extensive use of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology and modular software design means that there will be a high degree of commonality between the EC 135 and BELL 412 training devices, despite the different aircraft internal layouts. This also means that this same approach can be used to allow cueSim to readily provide FTDs for other, different helicopter types.

cueSim's commercial director, Paul Read, said, "This is an important order for cueSim, it builds on the success of the Bond EC135 FTD, and firmly establishes us as the leading supplier of high-fidelity, cost-effective, helicopter training devices. HSE are an important helicopter operator in the region and we very much see this as the start of a long-term relationship."

cueSim was formed in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of QinetiQ, Europe's largest science and technology organisation. It serves civil and military customers worldwide, providing a range of high quality, affordable, advanced simulation products and services.

For further information, please visit:

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Finnair Places Order for Embraer Simulator

Finnair has placed an order from the Canadian CAE company for a flight simulator to train pilots for the Embraer 170 aircraft, the first of which joins the Finnair fleet this week. The list price of the simulator is in the region of 10 million euros, and the order also includes two separate sets of training apparatus for the aircraft cockpit Flight Management System.

The full-scale simulator can be used to train Finnair pilots in flying this aircraft type, and makes it possible to prepare them for all flight situations. The acquisition of the company's own Embraer simulator will also lead to savings in training costs and more efficient training programmes.

Finnair's training centre has six aircraft simulators, for DC-9, ATR, MD80, Boeing 757, A320 and Boeing MD-11 aircraft types. About half of Finnair's simulator capacity is sold to other airlines from China, Europe, Africa and the United States.

Additional information:
Manager Petri Luohivuori, Finnair Flight Operations Division,
Training tel +358 9 818 4602 and Finnair Media Desk tel. +358 9 818 4020

Picture provided and copyrighted by CAE

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CAE awarded contracts for Austria’s Eurofighter simulator

Montreal, September 19, 2005 – (NYSE: CGT; TSX: CAE) – CAE has been awarded contracts by Eurofighter Simulation Systems valued at more than C$10 million to provide a visual system, synthetic environment software, and support services to Austria’s Eurofighter full-mission simulator.

CAE will provide a 13-channel CAE Medallion-S™ visual system for Austria’s Eurofighter full-mission simulator. In addition, CAE will deliver the Eurofighter-specific synthetic environment using the CAE STRIVE™ simulation development framework.

The CAE Medallion-S visual system is being used on all Eurofighter Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids requiring a visual solution, including full-mission simulators and cockpit trainer/interactive pilot stations. CAE is currently delivering visual systems for Eurofighter training devices being stationed at training bases for the four original Eurofighter partner nations: the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

“The visual system requirements for the Eurofighter program have clearly established CAE’s Medallion-S image generator as the choice for high-performance fighter jet training applications,” said Donald W. Campbell, CAE’s Group President, Military Simulation and Training. “We continue to make significant investments in our visual system capabilities to help ensure the mission readiness of aircrews flying the latest generation combat aircraft.”

Eurofighter Simulation Systems will deliver the Eurofighter full-mission simulator equipped with CAE’s Medallion-S visual system to the Austrian Air Force in early 2007. CAE is a leading provider of simulation and modelling technologies as well as integrated training services for commercial and business aviation, and defence customers worldwide. The company has annual revenues of approximately C$1 billion, with operations and training facilities in 17 countries on five continents.

For further information, please contact:

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CAE wins orders worth C$58 million for full-flight simulators and training devices

Montreal, September 21, 2005 – (NYSE: CGT; TSX: CAE) – CAE has been awarded contracts for four new full-flight simulators and other training devices by several airlines around the world. At list prices (and including some buyer-furnished equipment), the total value of the contracts is approximately C$58 million.

Longstanding CAE customer Japan Airlines International has ordered three CAE-built Boeing 737 NG full-flight simulators, which are scheduled to be delivered to the carrier’s training centre at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport progressively over a 12-month period, beginning in spring of 2007. These simulators will include electric motion system technology.

Finnish national carrier Finnair has purchased a CAE-built EMBRAER 170 full-flight simulator and an accompanying CAE Simfinity™ EMBRAER 170 flight management systems trainer. The simulator is slated for installation in Finnair’s training centre in Helsinki, Finland, in summer of 2006.

All four of the simulators are Level D -- the highest level performance rating for flight training equipment given by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration – and will be equipped with the CAE Tropos™ visual system, which uses satellite imagery as well as sophisticated weather and lighting effects to provide realistic training scenarios for pilots.

Air New Zealand has also purchased a CAE Simfinity Boeing 777 integrated procedures trainer.

“In this competitive market, we are proud to continue building on our relationships with such longstanding customers such as Japan Airlines International, Finnair and Air New Zealand,” said Marc Parent, CAE’s Group President, Simulation Products. “These orders say a great deal about the quality of CAE’s equipment and the company’s ability to offer a wide range of solutions.”

For further information, please contact:

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2007 Introduction by HELISIM of a New Full Flight Level D Simulator
for the Eurocopter EC 225 and EC 725 Helicopters

In keeping with its development plan, HELISIM will offer customers a new Full Flight Level D simulator for the Eurocopter EC 225 and EC 725 helicopters in 2007.This is a key step for HELISIM, which had finalized Phase 1 of the plan following the qualification of its 4th simulator (EC 155) in June 2004. Thanks to the new simulator, HELISIM will be able to kick off Phase 2, in line with the commercial strategy adopted by Eurocopter with regard to the development of products and services for the customers.

Picture provided and copyrighted by Eric RAZ - Eurocopter

Since 2002, HELISIM has successively been awarded Level D qualifications for the Super Puma MK1, Super Puma MKII, Dauphin N 2 and EC 155 helicopters from the Eurocopter stable.

ch full flight simulator has a common 6-axis motion base, and a high resolution collimated display with a field of view of 200° x 60°. The database, which is especially designed for helicopter flight, is able to generate all types of weather conditions and special effects, and is supported by a worldwide database of the airports and navigation aids.

Special attention has been paid to realism for providing outstanding quality in the training sequences. In addition, both cabins and visual systems are NVG-compatible systems, and real 3rd generation goggles are used for training.

In 2004, HELISIM provided 7,000 hours' simulation training to close to 700 pilots.Currently, more than 100 customers are undergoing training at HELISIM, where increasingly stringent requirements are being applied for training and flight safety. The company's customer portfolio includes most of the offshore customers, along with private, VIP, and government operators, and military customers from many armies, air forces and navies.

HELISIM, which is a subsidiary of EUROCOPTER, THALES SERVICES and DCI (Defense Conseil International), is the world leader of FFS Level D training for Eurocopter helicopters.HELISIM is located close to Marignane Airport, just beside EUROCOPTER's main facilities.

For more information, please contact:
Charles LEBOT: Tel: (33) 4 42 77 39 02 - e-mail: [email protected]

Jean-Louis Espes: Tel: (33) 4 42 85 95 55 - e-mail: [email protected]


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The Civil Aviation Administration of China
certifies the Mechtronix Systems full flight simulator to the highest standards

Ascent® FFS XTM Meets CAAC Level D Standards for FFS,
Operated by One of the World's Largest Pilot Training Organizations,
The Civil Aviation Flight University of China

MONTREAL, 6 Sept. 2005 - On August 14th 2005, the Ascent® FFS XTM Boeing 737-800 Full Flight Simulator received Level D certification by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), conforming to the requirements of GB/T 15025-94 flight simulator standards of the People's Republic of China. This announcement was made following a speech by the Honourable Jean-C. Lapierre, Minister of Transport, to launch the Canada-China Aviation Symposium in Beijing on September 1, 2005.

Ascent Flight Trainer - Picture provided and copyrighted by MECHTRONIX

This is the first Mechtronix Ascent® FFS XTM to receive CAAC approval and meet the highest level of fidelity for Full Flight Simulators. The Ascent® FFS XTM is installed at one of the world's largest pilot training organizations, the Flight Simulator Training Center of Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) in Guanghan, Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China.

In compliance with the respective regulations of China and Canada, it can be noted that the FFS was certified Level D earlier this year by Transport Canada as well. Furthermore, this device was also manufactured to Level D standards as defined in the FAA AC-120-40C.

"This achievement further confirms that Mechtronix Systems is offering the highest quality flight simulation devices and is delivering the most advanced flight training technology available," said Executive Vice President Li Shuwen of CAFUC. "We will work with Mechtronix in order to continue providing the best flight training solutions for our pilots."

"Mechtronix is excited to have obtained CAAC certification for a device designed and manufactured in compliance with the standards of civil aviation in China," said Xavier Hervé, President of Mechtronix Systems. "This certification is a great accomplishment for us. We look forward to continue working with CAFUC and the growing number of airlines of China."

About Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI)
Born out of the micro-processor revolution in the early 80s, MSI is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, one of North America's aerospace clusters. Over the last 15 years, MSI has developed the resources and the capabilities to be able to design intelligent machines, such as flight simulators. Relying on its unique and economically advantageous design fabrication process, MSI is one of the world's fastest growing providers of flight training equipment and the only manufacturer which actively services the entire aviation industry, including the commercial and general aviation markets. Its worldwide customers include Alitalia, Japan Airlines, Copa Airlines, CAFUC of China and Northwest Airlines. MSI's newest addition to the Ascent® Series is the FFS XTM Full Flight Simulator, including the Zero and Non-Zero Flight time configurations.

For more information, please contact:
Xavier Hervé - President, Mechtronix Systems Inc.
[email protected]

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The Civil Aviation Flight University of China signs contract
for additional flight simulation equipment during
the 2005 Mission Québec to China

Québec Premier Jean Charest Joins Mechtronix and CAFUC at the Beijing Air Show for Contract Signing

BEIJING- Sept. 23, 2005 – Mechtronix Systems, a fast growing provider of flight training equipment worldwide, today announced that it has signed a contract for the order of three Ascent® Cessna 172 Skyhawk (C172) Flight Training Devices (FTDs) to the Civil Aviation Flight University of China CAFUC). The C172 FTDs will be used for entrylevel pilot training and installed at the various Training Centers of CAFUC in the People’s Republic of China.

Picture provided and copyrighted by MECHTRONIX SYSTEMS

The signing ceremony took place during Mission Québec Chine at the Aviation Expo/China 2005 in Beijing, and was witnessed by Québec Premier Jean Charest in honor of the 2005 Mission Québec to China. The mission aims to encourage Québec companies from Canada to strengthen its existing business partnerships between China and Québec. “The government of Québec is committed to supporting its companies by providing easier access to the Chinese market as well as reaffirming relations between China, Canada and Québec,” said Premier Jean Charest. “We look forward to continuing to build upon our relationships in China with the cooperation of Canadian business innovators and leaders like Mechtronix.”

To date, CAFUC has ordered from Mechtronix: 1 Ascent® B737-800 FFS XTM, 2 Ascent® Cessna Citation Jet 1 (CJ1) FFS XTM, 1 Ascent® Cessna Citation Jet 1 (CJ1) Level 5 FTD, and 1 Ascent® Piper Seminole Level 5 FTD. Mechtronix’ Ascent® B737-800 FFS XTM recently received Level D certification by Transport Canada and the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC). In appreciation of the partnership between the two organizations, the Aviation Expo/China 2005 was also the opportunity for Mechtronix to donate a fourth C172 FTD to CAFUC.

“We greatly appreciate Mechtronix’s donation to CAFUC and look forward to deploying the new simulator in our expanding flight training program,” said Buke Chen, Vice-President of CAFUC. “We are very pleased with Mechtronix’s commitment to providing the highest quality service and technology in flight simulation.”

“We greatly value our growing bond of trust that we have forged with CAFUC,” said Xavier Hervé, President of Mechtronix Systems. “We consider the donation a great investment in the future of flight education and civil aviation in China and we are honored to have Québec Premier Jean Charest present at the signing of our latest contract with CAFUC.”

About Mechtronix Systems Inc. (MSI)
Born out of the micro-processor revolution in the early 80s, MSI is a privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, one of North America’s aerospace clusters. Over the last 15 years, MSI has acquired the resources and the capabilities to be able to design intelligent machines, such as flight simulators. Relying on its unique and economically advantageous design fabrication process, MSI is one of the world's fastest growing providers of flight training equipment and the only manufacturer which actively services the entire aviation industry, including both commercial and general aviation markets. Its worldwide customers include Alitalia, CAFUC, Copa Airlines, Japan Airlines and Northwest Airlines. MSI’s newest addition to the Ascent® Series is the FFS XTM full flight simulator, including the Zero and Non-Zero Flight time configurations.

For more information, please contact:
Xavier Hervé - President, Mechtronix Systems Inc.
[email protected]

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