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ATR wins an important competition in India

ATR has been selected by Air Deccan to provide 30 new ATR 72-500 aircraft and 6 second-hand aircraft (3 ATR 42-500 and 3 ATR 72-500). This was announced on the occasion of a joint press conference held today in Bangalore (India) between ATR and the Indian low-cost airline Air Deccan.

Deliveries of aircraft will begin in 2005 and will be spread over a 5 year-period at the rate of 6 to 8 aircraft a year. The ATR 72-500 aircraft will be delivered in a 72-seat configuration.

With this order Air Deccan passes an important step by ordering for the first time brand new ATR aircraft. This order allows Air Deccan to achieve its plan to connect all main Indian cities to the major metropolitan centres at a very low fare.

Air Deccan’s Managing Director Captain Gopinath stated that “We are quite happy with the operation of ATR aircraft in India from the very beginning. Our passengers very well appreciate these aircraft. After an evaluation of both ATR and Bombardier aircraft, we have chosen the ATR aircraft as we find it most suitable for our operations and for the Indian market for short haul routes. By expanding our ATR fleet with wider capacity aircraft we hope to supplement the demand that we have fuelled by dropping our fares and making flying affordable to the common man. The cost per seat will be lower so I can bring down my prices even more.”

“I’m very proud that Air Deccan made this choice in favour of ATR “, Filippo Bagnato, ATR, CEO, stated. “After having started its operations with used ATR aircraft in 2003, the first Indian low-cost airline confirms, with this order, the suitability of ATR aircraft for the Indian market. It’s also a choice for maximum profitability: the ATR 72-500 aircraft have the lowest seat mile costs in its category and the high degree of commonality between the ATR 42 and ATR 72 aircraft results in major cost savings and flexibility.”

Filippo Bagnato added: “We are also working with Air Deccan on a global partnership that includes the creation of a training centre to be located in Bangalore and a well-advanced concept of integrated product support.”

Air Deccan is a division of Deccan Aviation Pvt. Ltd. that was created in 1997. The fast growing Bangalore-based airline started its operations in 2003 with a fleet of 4 ATR 42-320 and currently operates 9 ATR 42s on its domestic network with links to cities such as Hubli, Belgaum, Hyderabad, Tirupati, Chennai, Derhadun, Jaipur, Goa, Vijayawada, Mangalore and Amritsar…from Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi. The total fleet will grow to 12 ATR 42s with the 3 remaining ATR 42-500 deliveries in early 2005.

ATR’s currently holds a market share in India of 60% in the 20 to 90-seat regional market and of the turboprop sector the market share is 73%.

In the Asia Pacific area, 97 ATRs are currently operated by 22 airlines.

Since the beginning of the programme, ATR has sold 688 aircraft (381 ATR 42 and 307 ATR 72).

The ATR 72-500: New Generation aircraft

The ATR 72-500 is the latest development of the ATR 72 with a proven average dispatch reliability of more than 99.6%. This version shares the same power-plant, six-bladed propellers, the same interior design and soundproofing techniques of the ATR 42-500, thus offering the same excellent comfort and passenger appeal with a standard 68-seat capacity. The ATR 72-500 has the lowest seat mile costs in its category, recognised as a benchmark for the regional market. The increased power and aerodynamic refinements provide excellent take-off and landing performance.

ATR aircraft are labelled the most fuel efficient in their category. On a 200 Nm sector, the ATR 72 fuel consumption per passenger is much lower than that of the competition either turboprop or jet.

All ATR models are compliant with noise regulations and have a large margin with regard to future Chapter IV (ICAO) noise regulations. The advanced six-blade propeller provides remarkably low outside noise levels. Low fuel burn and gaseous emissions contribute to make the ATR environment friendly.

About ATR
Toulouse, Southern France-based regional aircraft manufacturer Avions de Transport Régional (ATR) is the world leader in the 50 to 70-seat turboprop market. ATR is an equal partnership between Alenia Aeronautica (Finmeccanica Group) and EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company).

For further information, please contact :
Frédéric Lahache
Tel: + 33 5 62 21 60 61
E-mail: [email protected]

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Jeppview flies high with in-flight update

ENGLEWOOD, COLO., January 11, 2005 – History was recently made when a worldwide JeppView database was updated using an airborne wireless Internet connection. While in- flight over the North Atlantic, traveling from Europe to North America, Jeppesen president and COO, Mark Van Tine, performed a complete update to the JeppView application installed on his PC.

The success of the update and validation of the technology enabling it were confirmed in a recent e- mail sent to the development staff behind JeppView and its latest features. Van Tine sent the following message to the development team: “I am sending this in real-time from FL340 over Iceland to tell you that I just completed a full database update using the Connexion by BoeingSM in- flight Internet service. I am sure this has been done only a handful of times to date; it was a complete success! The database on this PC was out of date by 70 days, hence the file transfer was much larger than normal. Still, it was a complete success!”

In performing the in- flight update, Van Tine demonstrated that JeppView, combined with readily available broadband communications, makes it possible for users to access mission critical flight information from any place at any time--a core vision of Jeppesen and Boeing, its corporate parent. According to Van Tine, “We’re excited to work with fellow Boeing businesses like Connexion by Boeing to move forward with the vision of an e-Enabled air transportation system.”

About JeppView

JeppView offers a complete electronic chart solution by delivering high- fidelity charts for both ground-based and airborne use. Updates are available via either the Internet or on CD-ROM. JeppView offers users the ability to view the entire library of Jeppesen charts and print any or all that they need. Traditional paper enroute and area charts are also included for those who prefer this format.

About Connexion by Boeing

Connexion by Boeing, recipient of the 2003 and 2004 World Travel Award for World's Leading High-Speed In- flight Internet Services Provider, brings high speed Internet, data and entertainment connectivity to travelers via a broadband connection to the aircraft. Connexion by Boeing has definitive agreements with Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, Japan Airlines, ANA, Singapore Airlines, and China Airlines to equip their long-haul aircraft with the service. In addition, Korean Air and Asiana have announced their intent to install the Connexion by Boeing system on their long-range aircraft. Connexion by Boeing also offers a high-speed connectivity solution for the business aviation and maritime markets and recently concluded a trial with Teekay Shipping. For more information, visit

About Jeppesen

Jeppesen is recognized as the world’s foremost provider of integrated aviation information solutions. Jeppesen’s portfolio of products and services includes: flight information, flight operations services, international trip planning services, aviation weather services, maintenance information and aviation training systems. The Jeppesen group of companies has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, China and Russia. Jeppesen is a subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, a unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

For additional information call (800) 621-5377 or visit
In the Eastern Hemisphere call +49 6102 5070.

Media Contact: Eric Anderson - 303-328-4767
E-mail:[email protected]

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Increased internationalization the focus of change in Saab management

As part of this process, Gripen International's current Managing Director Ian McNamee has been appointed to Saab's Group management. Johan Lehander will be the new MD for Gripen International. Senior VP Communication Iréne Svensson will be responsible for Saab's new establishment in Brussels.

"These are important steps both to meet the needs of increased internationalization and to take greater responsibility for Gripen International, in accordance with the recent agreement with BAE Systems," comments Saab Group CEO Åke Svensson.

As business volumes fall in Sweden and growth increasingly takes place on an international market, greater focus on internationalization for Saab's management is needed.

Ian McNamee is now leaving Gripen International and will be part of the Group management team with particular responsibility for Saab's overall marketing efforts within Saab International and Saab Industrial Cooperation. Ian will also be helping to develop Saab's international cooperations and to streamline the Group's business processes.

Gripen International has been a business unit within Saab since January 1 this year. The new head of the unit will be Johan Lehander, who is acting head of Saab Aerosystems. Johan will focus on continuing Gripen export and the coordination potential that exists between the Swedish Gripen program and export activities.

Saab is also increasing its presence in Brussels, with Iréne Svensson establishing a Saab office on site in Brussels, Belgium. Her role will be to develop the company's contacts and monitor issues of importance to Saab, such as defence, space and public safety issues.

The changes will be implemented as soon as possible during the first quarter of 2005.

Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies, with its main operations focusing on defence, aviation and space. The Group covers a broad spectrum of competence and capability in systems integration.

For further information, please contact:
Peter Larsson, Press Officer, Saab AB,
Tel +46 (0)8-463 00 18, +46 (0)734-18 00 18

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Global reception ceremony of the
Algerian Air Traffic Management System provided by Thales

- A nationwide system enhancing air traffic safety -

10 January 2005 - The global reception ceremony of the new Algerian air traffic management system, supplied by Thales, took place in Algiers today. The event brought together Algerian officials including the Adviser to the Minister of Transport, Mohamed Salah Boultif, the Civil Aviation Director, Messaoud Benchemam and Farouk Hamed-Abdelouahab, General Director of the National Establishment for Air Navigation (ENNA*).

ENNA’s General Director said: “This ceremony marks an impressive success, both for the SAACTA* programme and the modernisation of the Algerian air traffic management system. Thales’ technical expertise and the close co-operation between the ENNA and Thales teams contributed to this success.”

This nationwide system provides Algeria with the very latest air traffic management technologies.

Air transport is a key component of the Algerian economy because of the size and the location of the country. Algeria has some 40 major airports, many of them international, and is the gate linking many European and African airways. More than 150 000 flights, including 25 to 30 % of overflights are handled yearly by the Algerian air traffic management within a Flight Information Region, covering 2.4 million square kilometres including the Sahara desert. Algiers airport traffic is estimated at 3,4 million passengers in 2004. The new systems will improve safety by providing radar control, efficiency with better route handling, capacity to face traffic growth.

Thales’ EUROCAT Air Traffic Management systems were supplied with Voice Communication Control systems for the en-route air traffic control centre in Algiers, as well as approach control centres in Algiers, Oran, Constantine and Annaba. Simulators and training laboratories with operational and technical training were also provided. The system has OLDI* capabilities that allow air traffic coordination with Spain and France. It also includes integrated radar data processing in conjunction with ADS/CPDLC* functionalities which improve air traffic flow, raising potential for new air routes and providing controllers with tracks of aircraft over areas non controlled by radars. It is fully compliant with EUROCONTROL standards.

Thales also has a significant role in a comprehensive modernisation programme with approach and en-route navaids systems throughout Algeria.

*ENNA (Etablissement National de la Navigation Aérienne), the Algerian Establishment for Air Navigation: ENNA is the department of the Algerian Ministry of Transport responsible of air navigation security at national airports and air spaces as well as of air spaces within Algeria’s competence.
*SAACTA: Système Algérien Automatisé de Contrôle du Trafic Aérien
*OLDI : On-line data interchange
* ADS/CPDLC : Automatic Dependent Surveillance / Controller Pilot Data Link Communications

For further information, please contact:
Joëlle Lebreton
Tel: +33 1 40 84 37 28
E-mail: [email protected]

Pictures provided and copyrighted by THALES

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