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IVAO : The first IFR Military World Tour 2005

The International Virtual Aviation Organization, IVAO, is pleased to announce the release of our first IFR Military World Tour 2005.

The IVAO Special Operations World Tour 2005 will bring you to 50 different military airfields around the world. Fly the military aircraft of your choice - be it a fighter or a special 767 AWACS. All airports in the tour are military or combined military and civil use. For easy reference, we have included the approach charts, SIDS/STARs and flight plans so you can experience these special airports with their unique flight procedures.

For more information and a complete description of the IFR Military World Tour 2005, please go here!

Requirements and Rules to the first IVAO Military IFR World Tour.

  • All legs MUST be flown online, with real weather.
  • Not necessary with ATC guidance all the way.
  • Flights must be flown in realtime mode (1x sim rate. No accelerated mode is allowed during the legs).
  • NO supersonic speeds may be used on each leg.
  • Max cruising speed will be M0.85 for all legs.
  • Below FL100 max speed will be 250IAS or 350IAS on request and ATC approval.
  • You need to follow ATC instructions and flightplan at all times during each leg.
  • The remark field in your flightplan must contain
  • OAT / SO WT leg **

Military IFR World Tour

  • Fly all legs in the right order.
  • Check departure and arrival airports prior to fly the legs so you can choose the best aircraft that fits the leg and your needs.
  • You can use as many aircraft as you want during the World Tour but only one in each leg.
  • All airports in this tour are military or combined use.
  • Use a military callsign that can be found here during each S.O worldtour leg.
  • Enjoy it and good luck !

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German government signs €488-million
private finance initiative program for NH90 helicopter training

Consortium of CAE, Eurocopter, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, and Thales awarded contract for the first PFI project
of the German Armed Forces in the field of military aircrew training.

Koblenz, Germany, January 20, 2005 - The German government has approved a major private finance initiative (PFI) program for the German Armed Forces by awarding a contract to Helicopter Flight Training Services GmbH (HFTS) to provide NH90 helicopter training in industry-owned training centres. HFTS, based in Hallbergmoos, Germany, was founded by an industrial consortium consisting of CAE, Eurocopter, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics and Thales, each owning a 25 percent share. The industry consortium will design, build, and operate three NH90 training centres.

The contract is valued at a total of €488 million. An initial phase, which will begin this month, covers the design, development and manufacturing of four NH90 full-mission simulators and three training centres located in Bückeburg, Fassberg and Holzdorf. This will be followed by a 14.5-year operational phase beginning in mid-2008 once the first training centre is 'ready for training' and extending through 2022. During the operational phase, HFTS will deliver turnkey training services to NH90 aircrews and the German government will pay an hourly rate.

This PFI program for simulator-based pilot training will ensure the German Armed Forces the quickest and most cost-effective availability of training for the NH90 helicopter, which the German Army begins receiving in 2005. The NH90 is the largest helicopter program ever launched in Europe. Program partners are France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal. In addition, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Oman and Australia have chosen the NH90. The training centres developed for Germany will be the first for the NH90 and will give HFTS the ability to market training services to the other nations procuring the NH90 helicopter.

Through the PFI program, the German Armed Forces will save operating and finance costs by eliminating the need for procurement and ongoing maintenance of an expensive infrastructure. The German Ministry of Defence will pay for a turnkey training service, since the responsibility for delivering the service and all the necessary equipment supporting the service lies with HFTS. Simulator-based training has been proven efficient by the German Armed Forces for basic and recurrent training. Germany will be able to reduce the number of flight hours on the actual NH90 helicopter, thus providing significant savings while reducing wear and tear as well as better protecting the environment.

Dr. Arnd Helmetag, managing director of HFTS GmbH, stated: "The decision by the German government to proceed with privately financed training for the NH90 is consistent with the trend for governments to consider this approach for military training requirements. The services provided by HFTS also fit perfectly to the requirements of other NH90 customers and will serve as a launch project for further NH90 training programs worldwide. First discussions with potential customers have already started."

CAE's share of the project

As a 25 percent owner of HFTS GmbH, CAE's share of the revenue will be €122 million during the 14.5-year operational phase of the program, which begins in mid-2008 and extends through 2022. CAE will recognize additional revenues of approximately €30 million through subcontracts to be executed between now and mid-2008 for the design, manufacture and delivery of NH90 training systems. Specifically, CAE will be responsible for software systems such as the tactical environment, electronic warfare, communications, and weather radar, all developed using CAE's STRIVE™ simulation development environment. CAE will also provide the CAE Medallion-S™ image generator hardware, will have overall responsibility for integration and deployment, and will manage construction of the training centres. CAE and Thales have partnered to form NH Training Systems (NHTS) GmbH to serve as the prime contractor and design authority for producing the NH90 training systems.

"The overall NH90 program is one of the largest and most important helicopter programs in the world and CAE is excited to be at the forefront of developing the first training systems for this helicopter," said Donald W. Campbell, group president, military simulation and training, CAE. "Our NHTS partnership with Thales will serve as the vehicle for addressing many other NH90 training opportunities in Europe and around the world. This puts us in a strong position to win future NH90 training programs."

About the industry consortium

HFTS GmbH is headquartered at Ludwigstrasse 49 D-85399 Hallbergmoos, Germany; Telephone: +49 811 999 62 02, Email: [email protected]

CAE is a leading provider of simulation and modeling technologies and integrated training services for commercial and business aviation, and defence customers worldwide. The company has annual revenues of approximately C$1 billion, with operations and training facilities in 17 countries on five continents.

Eurocopter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS and world market leader in the helicopter industry with a market share of 45% and a turnover of € 2.6 billion in 2003. More than 9,100 Eurocopter helicopters are in service with approx. 2,300 customers in 134 countries. With products ranging from single-engined light helicopters up to transport helicopters in the 11-tonne class, the company produces the broadest product line of civil and military helicopters worldwide.

A subsidiary of Düsseldorf-based Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH is among the world's foremost suppliers of defence electronics technology. In the market for simulation systems, the Company supplies a complete line-up for the army, navy, and air force, as well as for non-military requirements worldwide.

With global revenues of €10.6 billion, and 61,500 people, Thales is an international electronics and systems group, serving defence, aerospace, services, and security markets. Thales is leading services provider, with a tailored approach, for defense, civil administration, finance, and enterprise. Through the services division, Thales is a global leader in simulation, modelling, and training, for civil and military markets.

CAE contacts:
Nathalie Bourque, vice-president, corporate communications, (514) 734-5788, [email protected]
Defence/trade media: Chris Stellwag, director, marketing communications MS&T, (813) 887-1242, [email protected]
Investor relations: Andrew Arnovitz, director, investor relations, (514) 734-5760, [email protected]

On the Web:

Picture provided and copyrighted by CAE

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Flight Simulator Nordic: Partner Program announced and RSS News feeds

Flight Simulator Nordic,, is pleased to present a new partnership program for flight simulation related websites and projects. The FS Nordic Partner Program is aimed to tighten the simulation community and also to give more publicity to the Partner websites.

FS Nordic Partners can receive free support and publicity on FS Nordic’s website. Other services provided are for example discussion forum hosting, file library hosting and also actual website hosting.

Our policy includes supporting of simulation related projects, software development and add-on design groups. Partnership with FS Nordic is started on case-by-case basis and can not be directly applied. We intend to keep the number of Partners relatively small, to be able to serve all them as best as we can.
You recognize an FS Nordic Partner website from the special partnership logo displayed on the website. All Partner websites are also listed on FS Nordic’s website.

List of current FS Nordic Partners:
• Finnish Scenery Designers
• Virtual Finnair
• Swedish Design Team
• The Mobile Flightsimulator
• Simon’s Simulation Software
• Colour Air VA
• Finnish Virtual Aviators Association
• ERJ Panel Project
• FSNSquad
• Freeware Flight Group
• UK2000 Scenery
• Veneaviones Simulator

You can read more about our Partners from our website.

FS Nordic adds RSS news feed

Flight Simulator Nordic has today started the RSS news feed service of their flight simulation news. RSS is a live data feed from FS Nordic that provides a quick access to the latest news in our database.

The feed is available in three languages, English, Finnish and Swedish. The content of the RSS news feed consists of the very same news items that are visible on FS Nordic’s main news page, giving you regular updates on the happenings of flight simulation community.

You can find the feed at our news page from the orange XML icon. What is RSS?

RSS is a new web protocol that is used to create live data feeds from web services. The biggest benefit is that users can directly see the updated content of their selected websites just by using the RSS feed and without constantly having to visit the website – a bit like having the latest news posted to your e-mail, but RSS works for everyone (without any e-mails) and can be used for many different purposes.

The format is used especially in services that are updated constantly, such as weblogs and news services. RSS feeds usually transmit the latest headlines of each website, and to read the full article, you can click on a link to find your way to the site’s news listing.

To subscribe to the news feed, you need a program that is able to read the RSS feed (also called as news aggregators). You can for example plug FS Nordic’s news into your own Yahoo account (My Yahoo! Page), or more simply to the toolbar your Mozilla Firefox browser (IE does not support RSS) where it is always visible and quickly accessible while browsing.

F or furhter information, visit Flight Simulator Nordic at

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